The 3 Steps To Take When Moving On Short Notice

Moving to a new house is one of the most challenging things to do in life. It takes a lot of coordination and organization to pull it off without any major mistakes happening. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to really prepare and get organized, however. Sometimes you have to make a move on short notice.

Moving on short notice can often feel overwhelming. Although you might not have much time to plan, the key to a successful move with short notice is to get organized quickly. In this article, we will go over how to pull it off.

Understand Your Time Frame

Knowing how much time you actually have is the first step in planning a move that needs to happen quickly. This allows you to call moving companies like Artisan Movers to find out if they can schedule something in your time frame.

Once you know your timeframe, set goals that fit into it. You should categorize the different phases of the move and put a time on each as to how long it takes. This way you can organize your time by days and weeks to get things done before your deadline.

The first steps to take are to make calls for the mover, change your utilities to your new address, and make the drive if it is a long-distance move. Those things take the most time.

Start Downsizing

When time is limited, it’s best to not have to pack too much. Instead of just packing everything up and then trying to organize the boxes, try downsizing by getting rid of the nonessentials. You likely have accumulated a lot of stuff that you no longer need or want. For example, if something hasn’t been used for over a year, it’s a good candidate for donation or to throw away.

As you go through your belongings, make quick decisions and place each item in the appropriate area or box. For items with sentimental value, ask yourself if they’re worth the space and effort to move.

You could host a yard sale to get rid of a lot of your things and make some extra cash to put toward the move-in process. You may want to opt for donating things. In some instances, the charity organization you choose could come by and remove the items saving you even more time.

Packing Strategies

Having a solid packing plan is key when you’re moving on short notice. Start by getting all your packing supplies like boxes, tape, markers, and bubble wrap organized. Then, begin with one room at a time.

Make sure to categorize everything between what you need first when you arrive and things that can stay boxed for a while. You should prioritize the essential items to be packed first and then loaded into the truck last.

These boxes should contain things like toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, chargers, basic tools, and snacks. Also, include important documents and valuables in this essentials kit.