Are you downsizing, relocating your business, or perhaps moving to a distant location and you can’t bring everything with you in one go?

If this sounds like anything close to your current situation, you probably already know that a self-storage unit will come in handy. Maybe you’ve even rented one, and all that remains is moving your possessions inside.

Here are seven mistakes you should try to avoid when moving items into a storage unit.

Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Storage Unit

The first and most obvious mistake you can make when looking to rent a storage unit is to choose the wrong one. If it’s too small, that might mean having to rent a new unit, not to mention the added cost and wasted time/effort if you noticed the space is inadequate after moving your stuff in will ruin your whole home decor set up.

Also, remember that you’ll be paying a daily or monthly fee, so it won’t make much sense if the unit you choose is too big for the possessions you want to store. Prices also vary widely depending on the unit size and the storage facility provider you pick.

This is why it pays to do your homework beforehand, so you can pick an affordable unit that will suit your needs best. If you’re in Washington State’s capital or nearby, is a good resource that you can use to locate cheap storage in Seattle near you in a flash.

Choosing the right unit can offer convenience while saving time, money, and effort.

Mistake 2: Skipping Storage Insurance

While insurance may seem like a luxury to some, it can save you big bucks in the long run. Highlighted as one of the important considerations when choosing a storage unit, storage insurance offers protection for your belongings in case they get damaged by a fire, a flood, or burglary.

It can even protect you from unexpected financial loss in case the storage unit is broken into and your expensive belongings are stolen.

Mistake 3: Packing Too Much In a Space

How many times have you tried to cram the entire contents of your house into a two-car garage?

Doing so not only causes the contents to fall out, but it may also be illegal, or harmful to your home’s structure.

Likewise, the same is true for storage units. If you pack too much or place expensive items in precarious positions trying to fit everything, the units themselves may come crashing down.

It’s important to remember that storage units have a maximum capacity. Most are designed to hold only a specific number of boxes and carry a defined maximum weight.

Mistake 4: Not Padding the Storage Unit Floor to Protect Delicate Items

Although storage unit floors are usually pretty sturdy, a more secure layer can prevent items from being damaged if something were to fall on them.

Check the unit for flooring, padding, or special partitions in your unit that can take the weight and pressure off the surface. Good old foam can be excellent for floor padding in storage units.

Mistake 5: Not Recording Your Items

Documenting your belongings on a standardized checklist helps a great deal. The unit could be broken into without your noticing, and you’ll need to be able to properly prove what’s in there in the event of theft.

Also, if you have valuables such as jewelry, watches, or other expensive items, make sure you list the description, values, and most precious or sentimental value of each item.

Mistake 6: Using Low-Quality Packing Materials

Packing materials vary drastically based on the market. You can find standard products, such as bubble wrap, at any drug store. But you may want to consider investing in decent quality.

For extra insulation and protection, consider packing with bubble wrap, which can be purchased at a hardware store or department store.

The point is, using poor-quality packing materials may increase the chances of fragile items sustaining damage when moving them into the storage facility.

Mistake 7: Putting Prohibited Items In The Storage Unit

While it might seem harmless, placing items that have been declared illegal or non-permitted in the unit will attract unwanted attention and probably cause you to get denied access.

You will want to avoid placing anything illegal, such as illegal substances, liquor, firearms, or hazardous materials, in the unit.

Summing It Up

People seek self-storage space for many reasons, from easing moving stress to making decluttering possible.

Whatever the reasons you have for getting a storage unit, the tips in this article can help you avoid any last-minute storage mistakes you make.