Are you trying to bring a more rustic feeling to your home? Want to warm up your decor but not sure where to begin? Changing the decorating style in your home may feel like an immense project, but you can add in a more rustic feel over time with a few simple choices.

Don’t give up on your dream interior. Take a peek at some of these rustic home decor ideas and you might find the perfect items to add to your space.

1. Distressed Wood

When you want to add contemporary rustic decor, an easy way to create that feeling is with more wood furniture. Visiting flea markets and vintage shops can give you good ideas for what kind of distressed wood items might fit well into your home. You can also consider some of the items you already have and think about if a sanding down and a new coat of sealant could help create a different feel.

Wood furniture isn’t hard to come by, but don’t go for fully polished and fancy pieces. Look for those that have been loved and are softer around the edges for a rustic style.

2. Top Down

When you want rustic home decor, don’t forget about what’s going on up above. Whether you need fans or extra lighting, these can be incorporated into rustic home decor styles.

For lighting, you want to go for a more stripped-down and industrial style. Look for exposed metals or simple bulbs. You don’t need anything overly complicated to light your home in a more rustic way.

For fans, you can get more fan ideas from places like so you can shop around and view a wider selection and match it to your light fixtures and additional decor.

3. Going Green

Rustic style home decor isn’t only about your furniture. Adding a pop of green in your corners can help create a much more rustic and homey atmosphere. Plants might not be your strong suit, but there are house plants everyone can take care of. Look into plants that don’t need a lot of care or plants like pathos that will droop when they need more water so you know how to treat them.

Adding plants will brighten up most any space and create a fresher and healthier environment. Even if you only start with one or two, it can improve how your space feels right away.

4. All Natural

Most rustic decor ideas for the home revolve around more natural-looking and feeling materials. Think about soft leather for your sofa and chairs. Wood and metals for other surfaces, and natural woven rugs and blankets for comfort.

A rustic space tends to be warmer, so adding rugs and blankets is a must. Think about big knit materials in white and off-white colors. Shades of brown and rust are also good choices.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

When you’re looking for rustic home decor ideas, they don’t have to be limited to how you decorate your home. You do not have to change your entire layout or space.

Start by incorporating a few items into the space and go from there. And if this gave you some good ideas on how to add a more rustic vibe to your home, keep reading for additional useful tips.