Working from home offers a lot of perks, like flexible hours, binge eating with binge-watching on Yesmovies but it isn’t without challenges. Separating work and home life can be tricky when you don’t need to leave your house during working hours. Plus, the lack of social interaction can take a serious toll. Even if you think of yourself as a bit of a loner, working solo when you are used to being in an office with colleagues takes getting used to.

On the positive side, though, working from home means you have complete control over things–like how you decorate your office. Instead of being trapped in a tiny cubicle or forced to stare at décor that is not to your liking, you can set your home office up and decorate it however you’d like. You can even use feng shui to make the most out of your office space. In doing so, you can maximize productivity and spend your working hours in a space in which you feel comfortable. With inspiring décor, like diamond paintings, and an understanding of basic feng shui principles, you can transform your office into your favorite room in your home. Keep reading to discover a few ways to add feng shui to your home office.

1. Choose the Right Location

Location is an important aspect of feng shui. While many of us are limited by the available space in our homes, it is wise to be as mindful of location as possible when deciding where to set up your home office. According to the principles of feng shui, your home office needs to be located as far away from your bedroom as possible. Ideally, it should be accessible via a separate entrance to your home.

At the very least, try to separate your bedroom and home office with as much physical distance as possible. This is vital when it comes to ensuring good energy in your office. Unless there is no other alternative, you should not set up an office space in your bedroom.

2. Display Inspiring Décor

If you are one of those who shop decor even for their bathroom then decorating a home office is a golden opportunity. When choosing art and decorations for your home office, keep productivity, success and well-being in mind. Look for pieces that feature things like inspirational quotes and soothing colors, and make sure they make you feel happy. Since you’re working from home, you are free to display any type of art you prefer.

Shopping for office décor is always an option. If you are feeling creative, though, why not make your own? Diamond painting is an excellent way to create beautiful office décor that showcases your personality. And once you’ve learned how to frame a diamond painting, displaying your artwork is a breeze.

3. Be Mindful of Light and Air Quality

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According to feng shui guidelines, the quality of the light and air in your office is extremely important. If you aren’t getting enough natural light and your body is yearning for oxygen, you will find it very difficult to have an enjoyable and productive day while working in your office. Even if you love your job, poor lighting and air quality can make it nearly impossible to want to spend time in your home office.

Ideally, your home office should have windows that let in plenty of natural light throughout the day. If this isn’t possible, consider investing in full-spectrum lights. These lights mimic natural light and can make being stuck indoors more enjoyable. They are especially beneficial during the winter months when natural light is at a minimum.

Plants that purify the air bring feng shui to your home office, too. Pothos, spider plants and fiddle leaf trees are all good options. Do your homework before buying, though, to ensure the plants you choose will be able to get adequate light in your office. If your office has very little natural light, a snake plant is a good choice. Snake plants are great for anyone who has a black thumb, too, as they are very easy to care for.

4. Position Things Carefully

The location of various objects is an important aspect of feng shui. Your desk should be placed in the feng shui “commanding” position. This attracts more successful and stronger energy to your work area. To place your desk in the commanding position, make sure your back is not to the door and the desk is as far away from the door as possible and not in line with it. Also, you should not position your desk so that you are facing a wall while you are working. If this is not avoidable, use artwork to make the wall “disappear.”

Also, three specific areas in your home office need to be set up properly to ensure good feng shui. The south area is the reputation and fame area. It has fire energy, so this area should be free of the color blue, images of water, etc.

The north area is the career path area, and its element is water. This area is where you want to display items that represent water. Things that represent metal are appropriate for this area, too. Lastly, the southeast area is the abundance and prosperity area. This is where you should place objects that make you think of money. The element associated with this area is wood, so avoid fire images, candles, etc.

5. Ditch the Clutter

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If your office is jam-packed with clutter, the energy will be off. Clutter drains your energy. It is distracting, too, and makes it very difficult to stay focused on work. Getting rid of excess clutter is an important element of feng shui, so your office needs to be clean and organized.

The Bottom Line

Working from home provides a unique opportunity to create an office that is perfect for you. By adding feng shui, you can enhance the energy of the space and set yourself up for success. The tips listed above are just a few basic guidelines for improving the energy in your office. Try them out today, and you will likely notice a difference in how your home office “feels” almost instantly.