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Windows are often called the eyes of a home. They effortlessly connect you to the outside world and make up a core element of your home’s curb appeal, shaping its overall look and feel. Besides their aesthetic value, windows are the primary source of natural light inside your home and provide a means for ventilation.

Moreover, if you live in Syracuse, NY, you might be familiar with the unforgiving winters and utility costs that keep spiraling upwards each year. The energy bills for Syracuse citizens increased by 39% last year. You may be surprised to hear this, but your home’s old, drafty windows can contribute to at least 25-30% of your total heating costs. Leaky frames and inefficient designs can become a source of constant frustration and financial strain, especially during the frigid months.

Hence, if you’re planning an upgrade for your home, replacing your old windows should be a top priority. Here are some more reasons why:

Keep the Cold Air Out During Harsh Winters

Syracuse residents are no strangers to the freezing temperatures, chilly winds, and heavy snowfall during the winter months. It’s essential to prepare your home for extreme climates and install energy-efficient windows to enjoy lower energy bills.

  • Your home might have older windows that may not be well-insulated or energy-efficient, which can contribute to consistent heat loss and colder air invading your indoor spaces.
  • If your indoor temperatures keep dropping despite running your heating systems all day, it’s time to call in experienced Syracuse window installation experts and upgrade to energy-efficient windows.
  • Energy-efficient windows are a perfect alternative to older, inefficient frames. AMI Zone Plus windows have multi-layered ClimaTech glass with an insulating argon gas between the panes. This type of window design drastically lowers the amount of cold air entering indoors.
  • Thermal breaks or gas filled between glass panes also minimizes the transfer of cold temperatures from the outside, which means you can keep your home cozy and comfortable for longer without overburdening your HVAC.
  • A window installation expert will determine your home’s needs and help you choose the most suitable energy-efficient windows for your home.
  • Window installation experts will ensure that the windows are properly sealed, aligned, and insulated to keep the cold air out when the temperatures drop below freezing point.
  • Window installation experts can also provide customized recommendations for your windows to match your home’s overall architecture and the local climate.

Save Money on Energy Bills

You upgraded your HVAC system, changed your lighting fixtures, and swapped power-hungry appliances with energy-efficient models. But if your utility bills aren’t coming down or continue to increase, drafty windows are most likely the culprits.

  • Windows that have a leaky frame or single-pane glass allow cold temperatures to seep into your home and drop indoor temperatures. This results in your HVAC working hard day and night to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Even if you have an energy-efficient HVAC, consistent operation will inevitably drive up your energy bills.
  • Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR-certified models can help you save up to $580 a year on your energy bills.
  •  Moreover, larger window frames allow more natural light in and illuminate your house during day hours, which lowers the use of artificial lights and ultimately reduces energy consumption.

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Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Windows are undoubtedly the focal point of your home’s exterior. Smaller, disproportionate windows and older frames are a curb appeal killer, as they disrupt the visual flow of your home.

  • Homeowners make a common mistake of replacing one or two windows. Although it may seem like a cost-effective approach, it often leads to a mismatched medley of window styles that clash with your home’s overall design.
  • On the other hand, windows that are appropriately sized and spaced in proportion to your home’s exterior create balance and symmetry in your home’s exterior architecture.
  • Modern and stylish windows can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, which can also increase your home’s resale value. Modern, energy-efficient windows offer a combination of style and energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, all of which are high on the wish list of homebuyers.

Older Windows May Lead to Moisture and Water Damage

Older or outdated window frames often have cracks and gaps around the frame. If the windows aren’t insulated or sealed properly, they let more moisture in and may contribute to water damage and mold growth. Water damage is a serious issue, and if you don’t take prompt action, it can put your home’s structural integrity at stake.

  • In many cases, minor repairs like filling in the gaps or weatherstripping window frames may keep moisture from coming in. However, if your windows don’t have weather-resistant features or the frames are rusted, it’s time to replace your windows with modern, energy-efficient ones.
  • Wooden window frames are particularly susceptible to water damage. If you observe signs of rot, warping, or decay in the window frames, it’s a clear sign that water has penetrated the wood. Replace wooden frames with water-resistant materials, such as vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. These long-lasting materials are rust-proof and prevent moisture from building up around the frames.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

When you have cracked windows, loose frames, and broken window panes, it’s easier for outsiders to creep into your home. If you’re concerned about your windows’ vulnerability to such break-ins, it’s time to consider replacing them.

  • Modern windows have stronger frames and more durable glass, which makes them more difficult to break into than old windows. This can help to deter burglars and make your home more secure.
  • New window designs often come with sturdier locking mechanisms, such as multi-point locks or sash locks. These locks add an extra layer of security and prevent any illegal entry.
  • If your neighborhood is more vulnerable to burglary or break-ins, you can choose impact-resistant glass or tempered glass. This type of glass is designed to protect windows against forceful impacts.
  • Some modern windows can also be integrated with security sensors to detect vibrations of impacts on the glass. In case someone attempts to break into your home, the security sensors instantly detect it and alert homeowners.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your home’s windows is more than just making home improvements, especially if you live in Syracuse, where the weather is challenging, and utility costs can be a significant concern. It’s a long-term investment that not only adds up to your home’s net worth but also increases its energy efficiency, security, and overall comfort.