Plumbing problems don’t just affect residential establishments. Commercial buildings have to deal with plumbing issues from time to time too. Rooter Hero aims to discuss the ten most common commercial plumbing disorders so that you know when to contact a professional. Indeed, manufacturers build commercial plumbing systems exclusively to ensure they can handle more than the average residential plumbing line. Then again, every system is fallible. The following problems are extremely common.

  1. Clogging: This one is the most common plumbing issue experienced by homeowners and business owners alike. It’s the primary sewer line in charge of transporting wastewater away from the premises to the septic tank. Various things can clog them, including tree roots, grease, corrosion from old pipes, and the things people flush down the toilets that they shouldn’t.
  2. Water pressure: Low to no water pressure is yet another common issue handled often by the plumber in Norwalk. The water pressure goes down profoundly due to clogging, insufficient pumping, malfunctioning pump motors, leakages, and even valves left half-open accidentally. Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings rely on water pumps to ensure the water pressure remains steady.
  3. Toilet handles breaking off: It goes without saying that the toilet of a commercial establishment has to put up with a lot of abuse. Just imagine fifteen people using the same toilet every now and then, and some of them aren’t always in the best of moods. They even kick the handles at times to take out their frustration. Quite naturally, it can break off. Repeated usage also leads to the same problem.
  4. Silent leakages: Leaks can be obvious at times. However, they can also remain undetected for days and even weeks. After all, the people working at an office building won’t think about the pipes installed underground. That’s why you should keep your eyes open for bulging walls, high water bills, wet soil, musty odors, blistering paint, and plants growing faster in areas where they shouldn’t even be present.
  5. Leaky faucets: Indeed, pipes aren’t the only thing in a commercial plumbing system that can leak. Faucets also suffer from the same problem from time to time. Now, most folks tend to neglect dripping faucets, but the plumber Santa Monica wants to remind you that such a tap will waste almost 3,000 gallons of water in one year if left unattended.
  6. Malfunctioning bathroom sensors: Business owners choose to install automatic bathroom sensors because they can enhance sanitation. They’re also exceptionally convenient, but you’ll enjoy these benefits only as long as they don’t start malfunctioning. Employees, customers, and visitors complain about hyper-sensitive toilets that flush several times. They also talk about how an under-sensitive washbasin didn’t allow them to wash their hands or faces. The first issue leads to wastage of water, while the second one prevents people from washing their hands – an issue that completely obliterates the benefits of incorporating touch-less tech. The current generation doesn’t stop screening on kickass torrent even while using washroom.
  7. The smell of a sewer: Nothing can be more detrimental and shameful for a business organization than a washroom that smells like the sewer itself. It will remove patrons immediately, and you’ll end up earning a name for yourself in the press for all the wrong reasons. Businesses usually resort to a vent-based system to match the atmospheric pressure present in the pipes. In doing so, it lets the sewer gas escape outdoors. A problem with the vent causes your washrooms to exude that funky odor of the sewer.
  8. Pipes freezing during winter: Extremely low temperatures can freeze your plumbing lines, and frozen pipes can wreak havoc. Fortunately, a plumber in Norwalk can help you deal with this problem.
  9. Heater issues: Whether it’s a water heater with a tank or a tank-less variant, all water heaters are susceptible to plumbing problems. Thankfully, every reliable plumber in Santa Monica knows how to fix both types of water heaters.
  10. Gas leaks: Plumbers can even come to your rescue if there’s a gas leak. It’s an emergency that has to be taken care of immediately. When natural gas burns, it leads to the creation of carbon monoxide. It has a distinctive odor that resembles rotten eggs. If you encounter this smell, inform a plumber instantly. Otherwise, everyone present in the area will be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Every plumbing problem described above is a piece of cake for Rooter Hero. If these issues prevent you from running your commercial establishment properly like selling food on swiggy or running an e-commerce company, don’t wait to call a plumber.