Home renovation gives a mixed feeling, something it gives excitement for change, or sometimes it becomes an emotional moment because of the unexpected change. Home Renovation can be a hefty task to do, as it requires a lot of planning, fetching the raw materials, planning the theme, costing & budgeting. There are plenty of designs available from which you can take inspiration, but sometimes even that could be not very clear. Movingfeedback.com is a place that has covered all your queries for making the renovation easier for you.

We have compiled a few points that you can keep in mind while renovating to make the renovation comparatively easier than your other times. Let get into it:

Celling & Flooring:

Celling & Flooring plays a major in changing the looks of the house. Just by upgrading these two, you can make a significant change. Changing your existing Flooring into a white marble or wooden Flooring brings a tremendous difference, plus white always makes your house look bigger, so people, especially those with smaller spaces, must go for whites. False Ceiling with inside lights or some aesthetic is always in & rarely out of style. You can also add big or small hanging lights to give your place a nice look.


Like the Ceiling & Flooring, the walls are an important aspect of any home decor or place. They have the power to transform a home into a bigger space, or they make your room looks smaller if not planned accordingly. Just by changing the wall colour, significant changes are made. White or grey walls are among the favourites if you want a fresh look but maintaining it can be challenging at times. You can also colour-blocking on your walls to create a different style. Pastels colours give your walls an aesthetic look which is pretty much in trend.


Be it a bedroom renovation or kitchen renovation in any section of the house. Furniture is one of the important things which we must not ignore. A four-poster bed, a bunk bed, or a bed with a lot of storage can be a good match. Lots of storage, hanging pots of herbs, chimney or rods for hanging kitchen clothes are the essentials for kitchen renovation. A minimal, simplistic design can work for your living room, as it is the 1ST place to get noticed; overstuffing the living room would make it look small. A big sofa with the rug, a glass centre table with a plant or a candle on it looks comfy. Sidelights work magic as they add the elegance needed for the living room.

Storage Room:

It may sound like a waste room, but certainly, it is not. A storage room or storeroom is as important as your bedroom, kitchen, or study room. It should be organised so that you can find anything easily. Use containers, baskets, and close boxes with labels to store the things from the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc. This way the storeroom looks organised & more accessible. Make sure to use warm colours & proper lighting here, so the things don’t get ruined as there be not much space to breathe.

The Balcony:

Okay, it may be useless to some, but a great looking balcony can add good value to your overall place. You can make it an aesthetic one, or colourful or simple setting according to your taste or wish, but do not neglect the balcony. A simple, minimalistic balcony with two statement chairs looks elegant. In contrast, colourful walls with wooden block sitting arrangements look vibrant, whereas a glass-covered patio with aesthetic lights & furniture looks classy.


A very important place where all the important thinking is done & decisions are made, also a space to create new ideas. For these things to happen, you will require a fully functional bathroom with a lot of storage space, so the area looks clean; a nice wardrobe with a mirror as a door would save a lot of space & create a lot of space. You can go for white walls or grey or pastel green; it feels great.

Do the Research:

Before planning & note making what to & how to renovate a space, you book the carpenters, painters & others help a little before avoiding any extra charges or confusion. Make sure to do at least 2-3 meetings to make them understand what you want & they can achieve the goal. Always research the materials, their costs, their shelf life, & how efficient are they for the transformation.

So, now you are all set to renovate your place; with the above points, you can plan, execute & reach the desired goal without any help. As it is said, planning is the key to making things happen correctly & to avoiding any sudden mistakes.