The diversity of air conditioners on the market might be a bit of a challenge since the market is always changing. To make a more informed choice about the best air conditioner for your home or office, go through this buyer’s guide.

The Facts You Need to Consider

Before purchasing an air conditioner, here are some factors to keep in mind:

AC’s Capacity

Choosing the proper air conditioner might be a little trickier than you would expect. Using a large air conditioner to cool a room may use a lot of power, but it will chill the space more quickly than using a smaller air conditioner, or a smaller thermostat which has to work harder to cool the room and uses a lot of electricity.

An AC unit’s capacity is determined by the room’s dimensions. In India, the tonnage of an air conditioner is used to determine its size, thus we’ve calculated the necessary AC size based on the square footage of a typical Indian bedroom.

Consumption of energy

More expensive, but less energy-intensive, high-star air conditioners can save you money on your utility bills over time.

Star ratings range from one to five for most air conditioners. As a result, the lesser the star’s power usage, the better. To illustrate this point, a 5-star air conditioner consumes less electricity than a 3 star AC.

In addition to capturing particles, filters can also serve the role of an air purifier. It is more usual in industrial HVAC systems for hospitals and clean rooms to include a separate filter module that can be replaced if necessary. Such sophisticated filters aren’t found in the majority of domestic air conditioners. The ACs that use phrases like “bacteria filters” instead of PPM figures for recognized contaminants are what you should be looking for.


Cool winters can be warmed up with the help of some air conditioners. That means there are fewer appliances to maintain.


Timers enable you to set the AC to automatically shut off after a predetermined amount of time. To chill the room down before going to sleep, and then turn off the AC when you wake up, this is a terrific option. Always keep it in mind that you need to install your AC property at the initial stage.


Until recently, air conditioners were viewed as a luxury item. As a result of global warming’s increasing demand, this has become a sought-after product. These days, a brand new air conditioner may be purchased at an affordable price not with a Sodexo card like you do for a big basket but it is still affordable.

Some Special Tips

We have come up with some special tips to make your journey smooth, let’s have a look:

  • From copper coils to antibacterial filters, there are a variety of features to choose from. Make sure you select the right characteristics. Because of the Anti-Bacterial Filter, pollen, dust mites, germs and pet dander are eliminated from the air.
  • Look for an air conditioner with a built-in heater that will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter.
  • A dehumidifier is a great feature to have in your home during the rainy season so that you can get rid of the extra moisture in the air.
  • Choose an AC that has an Auto-Clean Function that keeps moisture out of the air, preventing the growth of hazardous bacteria.
  • If you want to use your AC for the long term, there is no other option than ac repair professionally whenever you will face problems. So be aware of it before buying an AC.
  • It has a sleep mode that lowers the temperature by one degree per hour to save on energy costs.
  • Air is cooled in AC condensers by use of coils. Among the advantages of copper, coils are that they cool faster, are easier to maintain, and have a longer lifespan than other coils.