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Your dog’s normal temperature range is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Suppose you’ve noticed your furry friend shivering a bit, even during those seemingly mild nights, especially if they are smaller or short-haired breeds that are more sensitive to temperature drops. In that case, your kennel may not be insulated properly.

Ensuring their coziness isn’t just a luxury—it’s a vital aspect of their health and happiness. Dog kennels should be a snug space for your canine companion that adapts seamlessly to different climates. We’re talking about more than just a cozy nook; we’re diving into climate-controlled canine comfort. From toasty warmth on frosty days to a refreshing coolness during the heat, adapting the insulation in your dog kennel ensures your pup’s tail-wagging delight year-round.

Play a little game of ‘Kennel Tetris’

Before we dive into your dog kennel insulation, we need to find that perfect spot for your furry friend’s new abode. Think of it like real estate for your canine companion! First off, scout out a primo location. Sticking it on the stoep or beneath a roof overhang might sound like a simple move, but it’s strategic. Your house becomes an added layer of protection, keeping wind and rain at bay. No chilly breezes or sudden downpours crashing the cozy canine party.

Mind the entrance. You wouldn’t want the front door facing a hurricane, right? Turn it away from the wind, and watch out for sneaky breezes trying to pull a surprise entry around corners. If you can, keep the kennel off the ground, maybe on a verandah or a raised platform. Not only does this prevent the cold from seeping in from below, but it also avoids flooding when the skies decide to open up.

Turning the kennel interior into a winter wonderland

For colder climates, it’s all about layering dog kennel insulation! Sure, a cute puppy blanket might seem cozy, but it’s not a one-trick show. Take it up a notch with a layer of foam or a plush dog bed.

For the kennel itself, if it didn’t come pre-loaded with insulation (because, let’s face it, most don’t), you can use old carpet off-cuts, snag a few blankets, or repurpose bath mats. Nail or staple-gun them to the walls, and just like that, you’ve given your pup a toasty retreat. For something a bit more professional, head to your local home and building warehouses for insulation sheeting. They come in various thicknesses and roll sizes, offering your dog’s kingdom an extra layer of warmth.

Keeping things cool in warmer weather

There are lots of things you can do to prepare your home for warmer weather, and the same goes for your dog’s mini-home. The insulation tip above will also help keep the kennel cool in Summer, but you can also move it to a spot where the trees throw some serious shade or park it under the protective wings of your own home. Feeling a bit crafty? Throw up a tarp or some makeshift shade structure – your dog’s version of a beach umbrella.

To keep your dog’s summer retreat cool, think light and bright. If your pup’s house is rocking a dark color or a shadow-loving roof, it’s like turning their home into a little oven. Paint it a light color and throw on a sun-reflecting tarp for a heat-bouncing makeover.

Ventilation is also the name of the game for a breezy summer stay. If your doggy digs come with air vents, pop them open. No vents? No problem. Grab a drill, punch some holes around the walls, or install a couple of closable vents for a cool breeze when needed. Position the house so it catches those refreshing winds. If your dog’s house sports heavy-duty vinyl or some other heat-trapping material on the door and window, it’s time to strip down for summer. Those covers might be cozy in winter, but in the heat, they’re like wrapping your pup in a sauna suit. Let the breeze in, let the heat out.

What will the next project be?

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