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There’s an understandable amount of anxiety when we leave our homes and our thoughts start to wander. ‘Did we leave the door open? Was the stove closed? Did we lock the garage?

All these questions are followed by even more questions and the dread continues to pile up, as the worst, possible outcomes play out in our minds – breaking and entering, robbery, and damage to home property.

This is exactly why many Americans are turning to proper safety measures, like installing smart home security systems. That way, they’re able to have peace of mind and can view their home footage with their phones whenever they’d like!

Xfinity Home Security offers such monitoring solutions that help to protect homes at reasonable monthly fees.

Xfinity Home

Using professional monitoring tools with advanced technology, Xfinity Home guarantees a safer environment. Xfinity’s team is available 24/7 so response times are efficient and the team is alert, so you can rest, knowing your home is in safe hands.

There are various options to choose from in terms of security systems – from outdoor cameras and motion sensors to indoor HD security cameras and controllers.

With the inclusion of the Xfinity Home app (separate from the Xfinity app), customers are able to monitor all activities and even go as far as to disarm or arm alarms. You can view your home’s settings on your phone in real-time while being outside, or browse through 24/7 recordings at the end of the week, to double-check for disturbances.

Home Protection Plans

With prices as low as $10 a month, you get access to the ‘Self Protection’ plan that is powered by Xfinity Wi-Fi to ensure online security as well. There are no fixed service contracts so you’re no longer stuck with a plan for too long if you wish to change it or upgrade it.

The ‘Pro Protection’ plan costs $40 a month, and it is the most recommended home security plan. Installed by an expert technical support team, you’ll be instantly connected to Xfinity’s reliable internet and this will allow you to keep an eye on things at home. You can even install this security system in your aging parent’s home, while still being mindful of their privacy.

If you’re concerned about their declining health and are unable to check up regularly on them, Xfinity Home is the perfect solution to ensure that your loved ones are safe!

Xfinity Home Security Devices

Now that you’re aware of some of Xfinity Home’s plans, you should also consider investing in some smart home devices.

Xfinity’s indoor camera is a good choice and a safe option to begin with. It costs $60 and it comes with an easy self-installation kit so that you can assemble and put it up as soon as you get it! If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, you can simply get in touch with Xfinity’s 24/7 helpline and ask for assistance and they’ll send someone right over!

This camera comes with night vision, and will even send your phone motion notifications any time it picks up movements inside the house.

Another great security device to have is Xfinity’s indoor/outdoor camera at $120. This also is equipped with night vision but a new perk is that it is weather resistant, so you no longer need to worry about bad storms or heavy rain. A lot of people install such cameras on their front porches to view all visitors and deliveries and in a worst-case scenario, any burglars who might attempt to break in.

In that circumstance, you can alert the appropriate authorities almost immediately and stop the situation from escalating any further. To view more devices and their details, you can click here or reach out to a customer service representative!

How to Install Xfinity Security Devices

Setting up your Xfinity device is quite easy! For instance, if you’re setting up a camera, you’d need to follow these steps:

1. First, you must locate an outlet in your home that has sufficient Wi-Fi.

2. The next thing to do is to pair up your camera with the Xfinity account on your phone app. Go to the Devices option in your Xfinity app and add your camera. You’ll get some easy-to-follow instructions on your screen.

3. Once you’re all through with the instructions, simply place the camera whenever you’d like and plug it in! Whether you’d like to install the camera indoors or outdoors, you’ll find all the necessary equipment in your kit.

Always remember that if you’re in need of help during the setup or before, you can reach out to Xfinity’s 24/7 helpline.

In Conclusion

With regular alerts, you can now stay updated on all activities of your pets, your kids, or other family members so that when you’re not at home, Xfinity Home is there to keep your surroundings and your loved ones, safe 24/7!

As Xfinity promises, a smarter home is a safer home.