The kitchen in a modern style is a combination of comfort and functionality, style and conciseness. In such a room, it is not only convenient to cook and spend time with the family, but it is also not a shame to receive guests.

What does modern style look like in the interior of the kitchen?

Modern style has absorbed the features of minimalism, modern, loft and other trends. To tastefully decorate the interior of the kitchen, it is enough to remember the harmony of color and the convenience of planning, to give preference to natural materials.

Color harmony

The beauty of modern style is that it knows almost no limits in color. Most often, designers prefer discreet and calm shades of white, gray and brown. Accents in the modern kitchen are created by large furniture with bright facades. It is important to choose the right color here, otherwise the eyes will get tired of acid shades and saturated spots in the interior.

Tip: Follow the 60/30/10 rule. For 60% of room surfaces, you need to choose three primary colors – usually white walls and ceiling, flooring and headset shade. For another 30%, you can use companion colors, such as the shade of the tabletop or the upholstery of the chairs. And the remaining 10% are accent colors that are used sparingly but draw attention.

Convenient layout

Modern style is chosen for the design of spacious kitchens to store all the groceries from big basket. This is due to the peculiarities of the layout. A linear, angular or U-shaped set is continued here with a bar counter or complemented by an island. Moreover, it performs not only the role of a dining table, but also a storage system. A special feature is to move the sink and hob to the island, install the hood, and make it the semantic center of the interior. Not in every apartment or house it is realistic to carry out and agree on such a redevelopment. In a small kitchen, a rectangular dining table serves as a replacement, which is installed opposite the headset, like an island. Often window sills are also involved. A kitchen set is installed along them, for example, to install a sink by the window. Another option is to equip the bar counter. This is especially up to date in small kitchens, where every centimeter matters.

Natural materials

Natural finishing materials make a luxurious modern kitchen, and stone occupies a special place. Large slabs with a pattern look spectacular. There is a lot of wood in the interior: on the floor, facades, walls and even the ceiling. Pay attention to the design of small details like industrial style coffee tables. And it is not necessary to choose the same breed. In addition, only in a modern interior can birch plywood appear. It decorates the wall and fixes the shelves. Facades of a headset or accent inserts can be plywood.

Kitchen design in a modern style: the secrets of comfort are in the details

The secret of a cozy kitchen design in a modern style lies not only in a convenient layout, well-chosen colors and the predominance of natural materials. Great importance is given to the harmony of all elements of the interior – from furniture to light sources, decor items. Take note of the ideas of designers to make the apartment beautiful and functional.


Modern style offers the maximum variety in the design of the apron. It becomes a continuation of the polished stone countertop. The most neutral option is transparent frosted glass. It is chosen to protect the wallpaper with which all the walls of the room are pasted over. The apron, like the facades of the headset, can be decorated with microcement, and then they will look like a single whole. But the most diverse decoration of the apron with beautiful tiles. It is designed to surprise: with an unusual shape, styling method, shade, pattern. A modern kitchen will withstand almost any option and combination.


Everything but the classics is the only rule when choosing a kitchen set in a modern style. If it is a panel, then it is geometric or unusual in shape, for example, in the form of fish scales. Facades are decorated with microcement, laid out with parquet, covered with sheets of copper or other metal, tinted in the color of the walls to dissolve and disguise in the interior. Monotonous long facades are crushed into pieces. They hang cabinets of different colors in two rows, build an open wooden shelf under a continuous row of cabinets, use composite blocks instead of the usual headset – open and closed.


Modern style is considered one of the most expensive, not only because of the natural finishing materials, but also because of the specific household appliances like thermostats or refrigerators. Here you can not do without embedding. A free-standing gas stove or refrigerator is almost never found, but even in this case, they must be expressive, modern, and technically perfect. A good idea is not to cover the appliances with facades, but to match them to the tone of the facade or contrast. Small household appliances remain in sight, so they should be decorative, just fall into the style. Models made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metal look good. And cheap plastic is better to hide in a box.