It’s 2022, and we’re deep inside the 21st century. What was predicted as the future in the early 2000s has come entirely true. The internet completely took over and changed the trends in all areas of life.

Your home is the place where you spend the most time. Since the world pandemic began, people have worked remotely and spent entire days working and resting at home. That means renovating your place to make it flawlessly is more needed than ever.

This year’s trends will probably stay because Covid-19 forced employers to let employees work from home. They created hybrid workplaces where employees go to the office only a few days a week.

These trends suggest that turning your home into a functional and enjoyable living and working area is essential. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to help you achieve this. Read on if you want to know how to get this look.

1. Install an automatic front yard gate

The time when manually opened gates were a thing is long gone. Technology took over many years ago, and not having an automatic door today is ridiculous. Opt for an automatic sliding door that you’ll open with one touch on your remote control.

Motorized gates indeed require more attention and maintenance, but they are way more convenient than anything else. You might need to change the garage door spring after a few years, and you’ll need to regularly grease the machine, but you’ll never need to get out of the car to open and close.

2. Set a CCTV from the entire house airing live to your smartphone

Video monitoring is not just a way to repel burglars anymore. With a camera set across the house, you get to see at all times if there’s something that needs your attention immediately. If there’s heavy rain or strong winds and something damaged outside, you’ll be able to see it and decide if you need to act.

The best thing about modern CCTV is to see what’s happening live. You can be at work or even in another country and always see what’s happening at home. It is the best surveillance system possible.

3. Build a swimming pool

The swimming pool adds tremendous value to your home. If you want to sell it, a pool investment will raise the value by tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you don’t like selling it, a swimming pool in the yard means true luxury living when enjoyed with tasty food.

It doesn’t have to be a huge Olympic pool. It can be a tiny relaxation area filled with sunbathing chairs and a stone surrounding that will make time spent by it enjoyable. Set a sun umbrella or a canopy and feel like you’re by the ocean.

4. Set a patio with garden furniture

For true enjoyment and fun while home, you should install a patio or a terrace with some furniture. The best thing is to have a place in the yard where you can place a couple of chairs, a coffee table that will withstand all weather conditions, and an umbrella.

This way, when the weather is good, you can rest and enjoy time spent outside. Being locked inside is not the best idea for having fun. Find the best garden furniture, arrange the yard perfectly, and spend some time in nature although you’re still at home.

5. Connect all the appliances to a smart network

Smart homes are the latest feature of modern technology and urban living. Homes that are entirely connected to the internet are the latest trend. Throw away the old fridge, stove, and furnace, and install new ones that will be backed by IoT technology.

IoT stands for Internet of Things. Through a single point, you get to use and control all appliances in your home. A dedicated app will control them no matter where you are. That means no more wondering if you turned off the iron or if you forgot the key to the front door. Everything’s modernized and connected.

Set as many appliances as possible into this network. You’ll feel much better knowing that nothing can go wrong in your home, not to mention the convenience. You can make a cup of coffee by not even getting up from the sofa and giving the order to the stove to turn on by itself.


These few points show you what you should do to create the best possible living space in your home. Technology adds tremendous value to modern homes, so don’t hesitate to involve it as much as possible.

Renovate the kitchen, the living room, and anything that may involve technology. Set a cool yard and a private pool to enjoy. You’re definitely opting for a new and modern home if you do these things.