Going to sleep, we want to be in a comfortable bed, surrounded by beautiful things, among order and comfort. But if the room does not give a sense of solitude, does not energize and does not allow you to relax, it’s time to act. We talk about the main techniques that designers and ordinary people use when decorating a cozy bedroom for themselves.

Convenient storage spaces

This is one of the most important items in arranging a sleeping room. A well-thought-out storage system is a guarantee of order, because if things are in their places, the room looks neat and attractive which makes the home look better. The most ergonomic option, in the absence of a dressing room, is built-in wardrobes up to the ceiling. They hold more clothes and form a solid interior.

But free-standing cabinets can also look appropriate and compact if they are equipped with mirrored facades or painted in the color of the walls.

Dark bulky models deprive the bedroom of comfort if they are located immediately at the entrance to the room, are not hidden by a niche and do not merge with other furniture.

Beautiful textile

What could be more comfortable than a soft carpet that gives pleasant sensations to bare feet after getting up in the morning? It not only decorates the bedroom, but also increases overall comfort.

A bedspread that protects bed linen completes the decor: to make the room seem warmer, we recommend choosing fabrics without a satin sheen – natural with an admixture of synthetics, with large threads and a matte surface on https://www.thebedspreadshop.com.au/collections/bedspreads. On top of the bedspread, it is worth placing pillows that are in harmony in color with furniture or decor. And a blanket laid at the foot will complete the picture and warm you on cold evenings.


We do not recommend chasing the so-called trendy accessories. Fashion is leaving, but stamped decor remains in the interior.

Instead of today’s popular elements, we recommend using your favorite things that evoke pleasant associations. These can be printed photographs with travel landscapes, handmade, a couple of retro items that tell the story of a family.

Comfort bed

A comfortable bed provides healthy sleep, allows you to sleep, relax and feel cheerful throughout the day. For diseases of the spine, it is recommended to purchase a hard mattress; medium hardness is optimal for a healthy person, and soft beds are most suitable for teenagers 8–15 years old.

Calm colors

Often, neutral light shades are chosen to decorate the bedroom, which help to relax and tune in to sleep. Designers usually do not risk using bright flashy colors – they quickly get bored, unconsciously irritate and invigorate instead of soothing. The general trend does not mean that the pastel palette is the only right option. To create a more intimate atmosphere, the bedroom can be painted in deep colors (emerald, indigo, burgundy), but it is important to take into account the amount of light entering through the windows. On the north side, a dark room will seem even more gloomy.

Availability of natural light

If the sun rarely peeks through the windows and the apartment is dark, the bedroom may look faded and even dull. White walls with a warm undertone will help to add comfort to the room.

White surfaces reflect light and the room will appear more spacious and serene with aesthetic lights. And so that nothing interferes with the light, move furniture away from the window and hang roller blinds instead of fabric curtains.

Indoor flowers and plant motifs

Fresh greens are the perfect decoration for a bedroom. It refreshes the interior, bringing natural notes to it. Houseplants purify the air, reduce stress, and add dimension to a room. And how pleasant it is to sleep under the crowns of tall or climbing plantations! Psychologists say that it is the green color that has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. If you don’t like home flowers or don’t want to take care of them, choose unpretentious specimens or add images with floral ornaments as a decor – paintings, posters or wallpapers.

Local lighting

The ceiling chandelier, which is responsible for general lighting, is not able to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

In order to feel calmer at the end of the day, you need warm, subdued light. These can be suspensions on both sides of the headboard, wall sconces or a floor lamp, which is especially appropriate in a room where a reading corner is organized.

Natural wood details

In the world of design, this is one of the most common materials: wood gives the interior nobility and makes it environmentally friendly. Bedside tables, window frames, a bed or a chest of drawers can be wooden – against the background of light wallpaper, decorative plaster or paint, they will stand out and create an inviting atmosphere.

With the help of wood, you can accent certain areas (for example, use clapboard or processed boards at the head), lay it on the floor or decorate the ceiling.