How You Can Make Your Entrance Hall Look Amazing
One of the hardest areas in a home to get to grips with and improve the look of is the entrance hall. This is probably due to the fact that it is the busiest area and endures the most footfall of any part of your home.

Yet this space is the first area that visitors see and likely the last area that you see when you leave your home and the first area that confronts you when you come home from work.

1. Clear the clutter with slimline storage options

It is likely that your entrance hall has a small mountain of shoes, boots, and other footwear littered around the area – especially if you have children. No doubt, it is a dumping ground for coats, jackets, and school bags of various descriptions.

Although you may find that the area benefits from a severe decluttering and rehoming of items rarely worn, it is more likely that everything within the vicinity is actually needed. In this case, your only option is to invest in a dedicated storage option – preferably one that will house all of the coats and jackets along with any shoes and boots in an organized manner.

When selecting your storage, make sure that it fits well within your entrance hall, is a style that will complement your décor, and is large enough that it will fit its purpose.

2. Place mirrors to reflect light

Once the area is tidy, place some wall-hung mirrors to reflect light and give a feeling of airiness. Depending on how large your entrance hall is will dictate how large you can go with the mirror. For large areas, a big luxurious full-length mirror with a good width will look great. However, with a smaller area, you will require a smaller mirror – but don’t go too small, or you may ruin the look you are trying to obtain.

3. Invest in a statement rug to add color

Laying area rugs on the floor of your entrance hall can indeed make a bold statement, and it is important that you take your time to choose which design and color you like the most. Size, as well as shape, is as important as design and coloring; it will certainly have to match your décor and your personality, as well as being hard-wearing.

If you have a large entrance hall, then placing the rug in front of the mirror will draw attention to both, whereas with a long narrow entrance hall, a runner (a long thin rug) will draw the eye into your home and make it inviting.

So, to wrap it all up

It isn’t always easy to keep the busiest part of the home tidy, and even harder with little feet scattering their shoes, boots, bags, and coats everywhere. However, if you invest in the perfect bit of storage and take the time (even if it is by offering rewards) to teach your fellow house inhabitants to make use of it, you will soon find that your struggles are soon a thing of the past.

Then you can concentrate your efforts on making your entrance hall look inviting for guests or even just yourself when you get home from a hard day’s work. Placing mirrors can make the place look brighter, whereas the addition of a rug can make it look warm and welcoming.