If you require high-quality concrete scanning services on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding suburbs, South East Scanning can help. Utilising the latest technology and scanning processes, we deliver faultless results time after time. Unlike some other concrete scanning techniques, our results are fast, allowing you to get on with the job. We approach all work with enthusiasm and an in-depth understanding of concrete scanning and reading coordinates. The people of the Sunshine Coast know that we consistently get it right, and they can depend on us to proceed with work safely.

At South East Scanning, we provide subsurface data to those primarily in the construction field, offering them a non-destructive solution to evaluating concrete. We take great pride in the standard of our work, and we aim to deliver the most superior concrete scanning services on the Sunshine Coast. We can locate a breadth of objects with our state-of-the-art concrete scanners. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  1. Finding voids in slabs, ceilings, walls and more
  2. Locating targets if any, in concrete slabs such as rebar and post-tension cables. If there are, we can notify you of their exact location.
  3. Depth sizing and slab mapping capabilities
  4. Locating structural elements
  5. Concrete scanning before core penetrating
  6. Pinpointing the location of pipe works and utilities
  7. Examining slabs for inspection reasons
  8. Identifying power cables that are embedded underground
  9. Determining the depth of rebar and locating cover centres

Why more people choose South East Scanning for their concrete scanning requirements in and around the Sunshine Coast:

Expert scanning services

Not just anyone is sent to our scanning jobs. Our concrete scanning team is made up of some of the most highly skilled concrete scanning professionals in the industry, and all have extensive scanning experience and knowledge. This enables us to provide our customers with the most rigorous reporting possible and get the nest camera blinking.

Sophisticated scanning technology

Our scanning equipment is top of the line and isn’t destructive whatsoever, leaving your worksite intact and how we found it upon completion.

Fast and efficient reporting

Understandably, you want to get your reports back quickly. With us, you can expect same-day reporting enabling you to proceed punctually.

Dependable and honest service

We aim to deliver a consistently high level of concrete scanning services to the people of the Sunshine Coast, and we get great contentment from providing an honest service. We’ll be upfront throughout the whole process to ensure there are no unanswered questions or uncertainties.

We’re fully insured

If in the rare chance something does go wrong when we are onsite, we are fully insured for up to $20,000,000 for peace of mind.

Common FAQs about our concrete scanning services Sunshine Coast

What equipment do you use to conduct your concrete scanning services on the Sunshine Coast?

At South East Scanning, we only use the very best concrete scanning equipment for our concrete scanning services. We use high-tech ground penetrating radars (GPR). These differ from traditional X-ray and are far more efficient.

Why should I consider GPR over X-ray?

There are many benefits to choosing GPR over X-ray. Here are a few to explain why they are the superior option:

  • GPR can deliver multiple images at one time whereas X-ray can only produce a single image. GPR makes the scanning process quicker.
  • GPR is highly safe and doesn’t require any specialised PPE to be worn. X-ray does. This enables workers to stay onsite if need be and it can save a considerable amount of time from not having to clear the site and organise additional equipment.
  • X-ray needs two access points to scan the concrete, GPR only needs one. This makes the scanning process hassle-free and efficient.

Advantages to having concrete scanned on the Sunshine Coast

Taking the time to have your concrete scanned before altering it in shape or form is a mandatory step that should never be skipped. Hitting embedded objects with machinery can be fatal. Here are some benefits to having your concrete scanned:

Ensures the worksite is safe

When everyone onsite has a clear understanding of where underlying obstructions are, they can work with confidence knowing they are safe to do so.

Prevent damage to your equipment

Usually, machinery and equipment doesn’t come cheap, and it is integral to completing the job in a timely manner. When concrete scanning is conducted, you can avoid damage from occurring to your equipment. Hitting embedded objects is not only dangerous but it can wreak havoc on equipment.

Keep your budget on track

Needing to stop work due to injuries or broken equipment caused by hitting buried obstructions can be a costly mistake that can throw out your budget quick smart.

When would concrete scanning need to be used?

Our Concrete Scanning Sunshine Coast services can be used for both residential and commercial projects across a vast scope of applications. This investigative step is vital when any kind of altering work is to be undertaken on concrete slabs. This includes but isn’t limited to drilling, coring, cutting and demolishing.

Competitively priced concrete scanning services for Sunshine Coast homeowners and businesses

With our comprehensive concrete scanning services, you can conduct your work safely and on time. Your workers can go ahead with their work safely, and you can prevent damage to your equipment. Our team have extensive concrete scanning experience and have all the skills and knowledge required to provide you with the most advanced concrete scanning services on the Sunshine Coast. We can work collaboratively with you to come up with a concrete scanning solution that works for your specific needs and budget.

We can help with concrete cutting and core drilling too

In addition to our concrete scanning services, we can also provide concrete cutting or core drilling services if required to make your home a better place.

Don’t risk it with substandard concrete scanning – only trust the expert team at South East Scanning!

Concrete scanning is something that needs to be done properly, it requires a high degree of accuracy to ensure the safety of everyone involved on the worksite. Don’t hire someone who’s not up to the job. Reach out to us at South East Scanning for the most thorough concrete scanning services on the Sunshine Coast. With our reporting, we can include follow-up advice outlining preventative measures and possible risks relating to the job. Contact us to find out more.