When we think of our dream kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is a spacious space. And to get closer to that ideal, it’s important to organize smart storage in the kitchen. This piece is about how to streamline your storage systems and simplify your life with some simple tricks.

Why Good Storage Is Important

The kitchen is one of the main places in the house. To spend time in this area with benefit and comfort, it is important to think about the proper organization of the storage system in the kitchen. After all, the way you arrange dishes, kitchen utensils, online grocery supplies and all sorts of little things depends on the convenience and time you would like to spend in it. It is much more pleasant to cook or to start learning this skill in a kitchen where everything is ergonomically arranged and nothing is annoying.


The principle of grouping the same things is applicable for all aspects of our lives. We can notice this when we see how games at the online casino TonyBet or movies at Netflix are sorted by genres. After all, it not only makes our lives easier, but also looks more aesthetically pleasing.

The rule is simple. Put everything of the same type in one place. Sort supplies and utensils by type and then you can easily and quickly find what you need and, if necessary, bring order into the kitchen. Do not neglect the dividers, which will help to organize the space of drawers and shelves, separating one category from another.

Follow this principle when filling the fridge: for dairy – one shelf, for jams – another, fruits and vegetables are stored according to the conditions suitable for them.

Vertical Storage System

It’s the best solution for small kitchens. Compact shelves won’t take up much space, but will easily accommodate all your dishes.

Flatware, pot lids, trays, baking pans, pastry molds, cutting boards, trays and even pans should preferably be stored in vertical rows in a rack. The advantage of this method is the ease of use. To get what you need, you do not have to shift the whole stack, just sliding will help.

The principle of vertical storage is applicable for kitchen textiles: just roll up towels, textile napkins, unused oven mitts in rolls and place them in a vertical compartment. And fill cabinets vertically correctly: everything large and heavy in the lower cabinets, small and lightweight in the upper cabinets.


Sometimes a regular cabinet with drawers is not enough to place some small items or you do not want to put them far away, then wall racks can help.

Kitchen racks help keep things in order. The work surface in the kitchen often accumulates all sorts of little things: cups, cutlery, towels, etc. Of course, they can be placed in drawers, but it’s better to have them at hand. So, for such aprons, towels, oven mitts, it’s best to use a rack with regular hooks. So you will have everything at hand. Also on hooks you can hang a variety of kitchen utensils, pots with greenery or fruit, and even mugs.


How can a beautiful decorative tray help to cope with the chaos in the kitchen? Such items aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. They bring order to your kitchen, and they’re also portable and easy to clean.

Instead of keeping all those things that are used most often on the table or pushing them into corners, it would be better to put them on a tray.


A popular trend for modern and traditional kitchens, open shelves allow you to beautifully arrange decorative kitchen items.

There are a variety of colors and designs available. But you have to be careful because if you overdo it, the kitchen can look cluttered and unkempt.

Another option, pull-out shelves are a practical alternative. They will provide easy access to kitchen utensils. You won’t have to reach for pans that are deep in the corner.

Narrow shelves are ideal for storing spices and oil bottles. To keep items on the shelves from creating visual noise and clutter, use matching vessels. One of the best options is glass jars and bottles of the same size. You can also use these sticks to add a twist to the kitchen by placing decorative items.