Are you going to renovate your house and wonder what brand of siding to choose? You should make the choice of the house siding responsibly as the durability and ease of maintenance depend on the quality of the chosen materials. If you are new to the process of house renovation, you may find it difficult to choose the siding brand just like you found it difficult while choosing between Kickasstorrent and Dramacool while saying goodbye to other OTT sites.

Don’t you know which brand is worth your money? Check the detailed Nichiha vs Hardie comparison. Follow the tips of professionals from the Legacy Service USA LLC if you want to make the right choice. These guys have been working since 2005 and got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So, you can trust their recommendations based on years of experience.

Hardie Plank: The Brand with the Long History

Most homeowners have heard about the brand of house siding Hardie Plank. It is famous for the durability and resistance of products. Besides these qualities, Hardie siding is known for its beautiful appearance and outstanding quality. It isn’t surprising that Hardie is associated with top-quality fiber cement in most homeowners. The company started to produce fiber cement in the 80s. The brand itself appeared in the market over 100 years ago.

What Is Nichiha Famous For?

Nichiha is a Japanese brand that entered the market over 60 years ago. The brand’s products are well-known all over the world as durable and high-quality. The company has been producing impressive wall panels that have won great popularity among the owners of commercial real estate. There is a wide selection of panels for every taste.

Nichiha vs Hardie Plank Pricing

For some, pricing may be a crucial factor when choosing a house siding. As for the brands Nichiha and Hardie, the cost per square foot doesn’t differ much in both brands. If you choose Nichiha, you will pay a bit less than $8. Hardie Plank will cost you about $9 or more. The difference isn’t significant for small-scale developments. But if you have a large-scale project, then, pay attention to the Nichiha brand as it makes it possible to cut the budget for construction. You may wonder why Hardie products cost more than the materials produced by Nichiha. The reason is that Hardie company conducts research and improves products regularly. They spend millions annually to offer customers the best products ever. By paying a higher price, you get quality assurance.

Selection of Product Lines: Impressive Styles in Each Brand

It’s hard to compare the brands in terms of the assortment. Each of the brands offers a large variety of options to choose from. Both Hardie and Nichiha have different styles, colors, and amazingly looking products for every taste. It’s difficult to name the winner in this category. Just check the assortment on your own and choose the brand that meets your personal aesthetic requirements best.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making a Final Choice

Nichiha or Hardie siding? Before you invest in the house siding, have a look at the following features that can influence your final solution.

  • Hardie Plank offers a warranty that lasts for up to 15-30 years depending on the product. The warranty for Nichiha products is about the same period but still several years less compared to the warranty offered by Hardie.
  • Hardie Plank has a reputation as a company that follows trends and implements innovations in production. They produce products that show great resistance to high temperature, humidity, and other unfavorable conditions. If you want to enjoy the bright color of the siding, give preference to Hardie. They have a Colorplus feature that makes it possible to enjoy a long-lasting effect.

One more advantage of Hardie is that one can purchase it without any problems compared to Nichiha products that may be unavailable in your area.