Trends refers to the latest fashion, styles, TV shows or developments. Trends keep changing with time, whether it is in technology, apparel, or a swimming pool. The swimming pool is no longer just a water body, it is slowly becoming a necessity in most homes. Apart from the health benefits and family time benefits it offers, pools are used by owners as the centre of pool parties. It is no wonder that pool owners keep upgrading their pools to keep up with the times. The article looks at the best pool trends that we can see in the future.

1. Smart Lighting

Pools are used not just in the daytime but even in the evenings and nights. If you love to organize pool parties, then you would like the pool to be lit up. The latest trend is that of smart lighting. In line with the trend in favour of smart homes, smart lighting allows the pool lighting to be controlled remotely. You can even have a sensor that turns on the lights automatically when it comes dark. You can have color lighting and you can adjust the colors and intensity, making your pool lights a major attraction.

2. Infinity pools

Infinity pools are still in vogue and becoming trendy. Infinity pools have been used mostly by hotels and resorts. Nowadays, even homes are getting infinity edge pools. Of course, the location needs to be right so the infinity pool looks the best. These pools can create a great effect and enhance the beauty of your home.

3. Dark-hued pools

Pools traditionally have been blue and white. Today, darker pools have become the trend. This created a lagoon type of appearance. This makes your pool and the pool area look better. Another benefit of the dark pool is that it retains heat better as compared to a pool that is white and blue. This allows the pool to retain heat better allowing you to save heating expenses. Another benefit is that a dark pool hides dirt and debris, so your pool looks better.

4. Water features

Water features are evergreen. Apart from their aesthetic effect, they make people want to spend more time in the pool. A waterfall is a great water feature that can be placed at one end of the pool. It makes the pool look great. Another attractive feature is the use of water jets or spa jets. Adding spa jets can make your pool into a spa. Water jets allow you to get more exercise while swimming. New and innovative water features are likely to be the trend going forward.

5. Fire feature

A very popular pool trend is the fire feature. Fire and water are opposites and when they come together. A fire bowl can be placed in the centre of the pool. This makes your pool stand out especially if you are planning to organize parties. At night, the fire makes the pool look great. You can literally set the night blaze through the fire bowl or fire pit.

6. Saltwater pools

Actually, saltwater pools are not a trend but fast becoming the norm. The saltwater pool was used mostly in resorts and hotels. Today, they are increasingly being used in homes. Conventional pools need more amount of chemicals for maintenance. This can cause skin irritation and other problems. With a saltwater pool, the need for adding chemicals is reduced. This makes the pool more comfortable to swim in, especially for people with sensitive skin. Pool maintenance is also easier and less expensive with saltwater pools.

7. Self-cleaning pool

If you want a pool that looks good, then maintenance is the key. Maintenance is also cumbersome and there are many people who don’t have a pool because of the work involved in maintenance. This is why pool manufacturers have self-cleaning pools. This pool has an automatic pool cleaner installed. You don’t have to do anything. The pool cleaner runs the filtrations system, removes dirt, debris, and even adds chlorine/chemicals. It has sensors that help to monitor the pool. While this is expensive now, prices would definitely increase when more and more people start using this feature. These pools are becoming smart pools. The pool equipment can be connected to your smartphone. You can monitor and manage the pool remotely. All you need is a smartphone and an app.

8. Shallow pool

Most pools have a deep end at one side with a shallow end at the other. This helps serious swimmers as they can use the deep end. Today pools are used mostly for leisure and for getting a workout. They don’t need a deep pool for it. This is why homeowners are preferring shallow pools. These pools are not deep. It is safe for children and family members who don’t know how to swim. It is also less expensive and easy to maintain. A shallow pool allows the entire family to relax and spend quality time. It can be used even to take a swim and get a workout. Adding swim jets can be a great way to make a shallow pool better for those who want a workout.

9. Energy-efficient pool

With people becoming conscious of caring for the environment, energy-efficient pools are becoming popular. A pool with an efficient cleaning and filtration system allows you to save energy. Lesser maintenance helps you save energy. Smart pools are energy-efficient saving electric power and heating costs.

10. Tiled pools

Fully tiled pools are becoming popular. The cost of tiles is reducing and it is now easy to build a pool with tiles. This makes maintenance easy and makes the pool look better. Since the trend is in favor of small pools, it is affordable too.

The article presented some of the trends in swimming pools that are becoming popular. These trends would become the norm in the near future. If you want your pool to be the best, you can consider implementing these trends today.
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