How to Prevent Rats from Invading Your Property
Nobody likes pests at home. But when it comes to rat infestation, things get more severe and frightening. Rats aren’t just repulsive, ugly, and, to some people, scary. They are sources of numerous diseases (35 in total, if we have to be correct). They also eat everything they meet on their way, which is why almost 90% of your personal belongings are at huge risk of turning into your new “roommate’s” teether. Taking some precautions in advance will reduce the chance of you meeting a rat on your property. Let’s discuss the most efficient among them.

Clean up your yard properly and regularly

Rats don’t see your house, garage or attic from afar. The first thing they are attracted by from your property is your yard. If it’s in clutter, dirty, and full of items where they can make a shelter, rats will feel welcomed in your living space. Cleaning your exterior area of the derbies and all garbage types is essential to keep the rats away from your property.

Keep the clutter to the minimum – always!

The same goes for the interior area. It’s where the rat infestation happens because these creatures don’t like wandering the outdoors. As a matter of fact, if they like your home, they will make a nest within it. This improvised nest requires twigs, cotton, rubbish, and various items they will use as “building materials”. If you leave your home in a state of mess full of spread-around pieces like these, rat infestation is quite near for you.

Limit any food sources left at the disposal

Save for shelter, like any living creature. The rat will need food to survive. The bad news for you is that these pests are true survivors and don’t need much to exist. Any leftover food – even crunches – will be enough for them to feel at home in your home. Our hot recommendation is never to leave any food at your disposal. This habit of yours will keep all types of pests away from your living space.

Seal any cracks in the home

The handymen love making jokes that 50% of their customers call them to ask how to prevent rats from the living space. That might be hilarious for the technicians, but it’s logical for the rat control specialists. See, if there are cracks in the living area – even the tiniest and hard to be seen holes – the rats can get through them and enter your home without any intentions of going away. It’s good to know that even a hole inside which you can stick a finger is convenient enough for a rat to go past. Seal it with no doubts – right away!

Fix any roof damages (including those done by rats)

Rats love scratching the roof. And you might have come up to the conclusion that you are facing a rat infestation because of the noise. But do you know that they often scratch your roof on purpose to enlarge an existing small hole and move through it directly into your house? All kinds of damages are alarming signs that your home is threatened with an invasion. Besides, isn’t it raining in your area? That damaged roof can make a huge mess in your house after a storm. Fix it for your good.

Keep in mind that the garage is a common entry point, too

Don’t wonder how to get rid of rats from your home before you safe-proof your garage. The garage is usually like the hotel lobby for the rats. Whether because they are shy or something, the rodents first enter a property through the nearby buildings, and then, they become brave enough to invade your living space. Moreover – most of the garages don’t provide shelter for a person’s car only. Let’s face it – we love storing all types of items here. So it has that clutter factor that rats are fond of.

Equip pipes with tight-fitting grates for more safety

Remember where Splinter – the Teacher, who’s, by the way, a rat – from Ninjas Turtle lived? Yes, that’s right – under the ground, right inside the city canalisation. You don’t have to be a ninja or a turtle to see a rat getting out of a pipe in your home. This is where all rats love hiding and eventually use it to enter the domestic environment. To be honest with you, tight-fitting the pipes with grates should be among the first rat prevention tips to do.

Introduce scents of rats detests

If you hate the smell of a dirty, coming-out-of-city canalisation rat, the rat itself hates some smells, too. As a matter of fact, like all living creatures, rodents have their disgust, too. These “aromas” are constantly used in DIY rat control recipes for domestic application. You can try spraying, sprinkling, or adding in any other form the following scents to your home atmosphere: peppermint, cinnamon, white vinegar, citronella, clover, eucalypt, garlic, and coffee.

Take care of a current rat infestation

If you are already infested and wonder how to get rid of rats, the truth is that the best way is the professional way. The pest control guys have the knowledge, machinery, and experience to handle the situation most efficiently and quickly. They also usually have the kind attitude to provide you with further rat prevention tips. Usually, this pack of recommendations includes the following guides:

  • If, within a short period after the treatment, there are new signs of rat infestation, immediately call the specialists to come back for a check;
  • Don’t hesitate to consider having a cat – especially if your neighbourhood often suffers from rat invasion;
  • Just in case, on a regular purpose, use natural anti-rodent sprays (you can buy some from your local supermarket);
  • Make often checks around your entire property for any signs of rats around;
  • Set traps inside and outside your home;
  • If you live in a risky area with often rat infestation cases, spreading poison and bites against rats is a good idea. However, be careful with these solutions as they poison people and pets.

Final thoughts

We hope our today’s guide for eliminating any risks of rats near you and your house was helpful enough. The problem with rodents in the UK is huge, and no matter how many reliable pest control companies there are out there for you, as a homeowner, you should make your own home safety prophylaxis, too.