Now the world is growing digitally in many aspects. We like to watch movies, series, videos at our fingertip at our comfortable place. Downloading movies from torrent software is the easiest way to download them into a PC or laptop and watch them offline.

We must download torrent software on the PC. After that, we will go through the websites which provide torrent files. It will be only a file, not a movie, but that file will use to download the movie.

“Kickass Torrent” Is a trusted website that provides a web directory to torrent files and magnet links to facilitate file sharing. But there is a problem with this site. It requires registration or an account to download the torrent files.

So, let us see how to download torrent files without an account.

Step 1. Download the Torrent software on PC.

Step 2. Go to the kickass torrent site. (

Step 3. Search for the movie you want or choose from the movie list on the homepage.

Kickass Torrent Step 3

Step 4. When we click on that movie, it opens an inner page of that movie. There will be the option “Download torrent,”.and when we click on that, it asks for registration or to create free a/c to download torrent file.

Step 5. Now, close the window and follow the steps.

Step 6. Open your downloaded torrent software on your PC.

Kickass Torrent Step 6

Step 7. Get back to the website and click on the magnet icon, which will be left of the “download torrent” link.

Step 8. It takes you a pop-up box showing “Open magnet URI,” click on that.

Kickass Torrent Step 8

Step 9. When we click on that, it automatically starts to download the movie in your torrent software, and it will be saved at your chosen location.

If there will be a problem with the magnet icon is not visible, do not be disappointed. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. On the movie page, right-click and select the option “view page source”.

Kickass Torrent Download Step 1

Step 2. Then you will see the page link.

Step 3. Press ctrl+f to find the option to search for a keyword called “Magnet”.

Kickass Torrent Download Step 3

Step 4. Now, copy that link address. The magnet link is copied now.

Step 5. Open torrent software and click on the “add torrent from URL” option.

Kickass Torrent Download Step 5

Step 6. Paste copied link in the blank bar and press OK.

Your torrent software will automatically start to download the movie.

Kickass Torrent Download Step 7

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