The debate of which of macOS and Windows are superior has been around for a long time. If you have been thinking about buying a MacBook as your next computer, you made the right decision.

There are multiple reasons why macOS is superior to Windows. Let’s cover them in this article.

Same Manufacturer

Purchasing a pre-assembled PC is an option, but you would overpay for the hardware because sellers increase their prices. Meanwhile, building a custom PC requires a lot of time searching for the most optimal hardware options. Besides, the odds are that even if you have a build ready, there will still be some problems with finding a part you desire. In other words, there is too much hassle.

The case is different with MacBooks. You get a computer that is ready to use without the need to assemble it or look for specific hardware parts. The process of getting a Mac is as simple as going to a store and paying money for the laptop.

Attractive Design

Some will call this a shallow reason, but it is no secret that Apple fans support the company and purchase MacBooks because of how the computers look.

In this day and age, there is a big emphasis on looks. Just consider how much effort people put into looking their best on social media.

Well, from a design’s point of view, it is difficult to find a computer that is more attractive than a MacBook.

Looks are not everything, though. Apple engineers make sure that in addition to a sophisticated appearance, a MacBook is also sturdy. The odds of you damaging the laptop are relatively low.

Add the fact that Macs are light and not a burden to carry around, and you have a pretty great device which is a superior option to its competition.

Intuitive User Interface

Now that we have established how MacBooks are better design-wise let’s focus more on its performance.

Overall, macOS developers release regular updates with the intent to improve the overall speed of the MacBook. Besides, Mac owners can expect new features whenever there is a major operating system update.

As for the user interface, it may take some time to figure out how to use a MacBook, particularly if you switch from Windows, but you should be more than comfortable with the interface after a couple of weeks. Some users do not even need that much time.

The Dock allows you to access applications you use the most; Launchpad lets you search for files in case you cannot remember their location; Spotlight is great for calculating and converting units.

You can also enable the Dictation feature and use voice control to carry out simple texts if your hands get too busy or you want to rest your fingers after typing the keyboard for too long.

The learning curve may seem a bit steep, but it is not that difficult once you get the hang of things. After figuring out the basics and mastering more advanced stuff, you will realize just how great MacBook’s UI is.

Improved Productivity

Productivity is also a significant advantage that puts MacBooks above its competition. A plethora of available keyboard shortcuts (you can find the whole list on the official App support page), trackpad gestures, and the aforementioned dictation feature are just a few examples that make MacBook stand out. You can watch your favorite show while working from home by using these shortcuts for your benefits.

The Official App store also offers a wide range of applications to improve productivity. Time-tracking and Calendar apps are some of the most popular options for those who use MacBook for work rather than entertainment.

Overall, macOS is also more reliable performance-wise. You are less likely to run into random crashes or freezes while using the MacBook. Of course, it does not mean that you can just neglect the laptop.

You will still need to check system storage regularly to make sure that there is enough free space. The dust that accumulates inside the computer can also snowball out of control if you do not clean it regularly.

But then again, such a maintenance routine should not require too much effort on your part. If you do not neglect these things for too long, the MacBook should be in good condition and not have performance issues.


One of the reasons why macOS is more secure than Windows is because of how popular the latter is.

Malware developers want to target as many different devices as possible. If they have to choose between Windows and macOS, Windows is a more appealing choice.

Add the fact that Apple releases regular OS updates to fight against potential cybersecurity threats before they cause significant problems, and you have solid security for MacBooks. Not having to worry about malware and other threats on your computer is a big plus, right?