The casino industry, being as competitive as it is, has always been a hotbed for new ideas and innovation – each establishment keen to unearth the next trend and take the market world by storm. The slot machine revolutionised the gaming landscape on their introduction at the turn of the 20th century and they now occupy the largest area of casino floor real estate.

Bingo has been through a series of equally transformative chapters especially in the UK. Teetering on the brink of obsolescence by the 1980s, it was brought back into vogue in both

the resurging bingo halls up and down the country, and a burgeoning new technology, the internet!

The History of Slingo

In 1994, real estate developer and New Jersey native Sal Falciglia Sr. would stumble across another of those million dollar ideas drawing inspiration on the two aforementioned games. Falciglia’s idea was to combine the fast paced action of fruit machines with the mounting tension of a round of bingo, while being able to dictate the pace of your own game – and Slingo was born.

How Do You Play Slingo?

The name Slingo is derived from its two cousins, slots and bingo, and as revolutionary as the internet was for each of them, the mechanics of Slingo could not easily exist outside of the digital domain. Slingo can be a single or multiplayer game with each player receiving a randomly generated bingo card.

The objective is to ultimately find all numbers on your bingo card and with each spin of the reels (where the slots inspiration comes from) five numbers appear which, if present, can be marked off. Points are awarded for how complete the card is at the end of the allotted 20 spins (depending on the title).

How To Get The Most From Your Slingo Game

  • Become familiar with your game

Each version of Slingo is slightly different so make sure you read the accompanying instructions including studying the paytable and the effect each symbol has on the game. The best providers offer demos of their games so you can get your eye in before you put down any money. Always take advantage of this feature.

  • Keep an eye out for jokers

Jokers are wild and can be used to tick off any number. Use them strategically to complete lines; also keep in mind a well placed joker can complete more than one line. Not only that but three or more jokers (or super jokers) appearing in one spin will award a cash prize – check the paytable again for this information.

  • Careful of those devils

Sometimes devil icons merely block the column that they appear on for that spin – no different to landing a number not on your card, but in other games they can have an effect on your jackpot.

  • Watch the clock

There may be a time limit on your spins and if you haven’t used it in time, you’ll lose it. The same is true of unused jokers or numbers that are not marked off.

  • Manage your balance

Remember that the initial stake might not be the only amount wagered – the remaining 4 spins (or more depending on the title) at the end of the game can be bought for increasing amounts depending how close to a full house you are. Be mindful that some ‘wins’ might not see you break even.

  • Grab those bonuses

Aim for the bonus games if the title you are playing offers them. Some big multipliers can be won with these bonus games plus they’re usually a lot of fun too.

  • Have fun

On the subject of fun, check in with yourself regularly to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. The Slingo mechanic is well loved internationally because of how entertaining and compelling it is, so also confirm that your play sessions aren’t becoming too long.

There are currently 12 iterations of Slingo, known as Slingo Originals, each with their own twist on the game but there are dozens more at some online casinos. It’s worth exploring the library of games on offer and utilising demo modes to find the perfect Slingo game for you.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Deal Or No Deal Slingo

The Slingo game you love with the infamous red boxes of Deal Or No Deal – a match made in heaven.

  • Slingo Races

Slingo Races combines all the excitement of a day at the gee-gees with the exhilaration of the slots. The game stays faithful to the horse racing theme from the symbols to the colour scheme and sound design, and even the racetrack shaped game board which the jockey you’ve selected on dutifully gallops around.

  • Friends Slingo

If you’re a fan of the most famous group of New York pals of the 90s, this official mash-up will have you thrilled. Head to Central Perk and hang out with Joey, Rachel and the rest of the gang. This is also available on your mobile device.

Now you’ve got to grips with the ins and outs of the game that everyone’s talking about, it’s time to try your hand at Slingo.