Maintaining Energy Efficiency with Your Windows and Doors Markham

Windows and doors Markham determine your home’s energy efficiency. Although most homeowners install energy-efficient windows, they age and become less effective. For example, the windows and doors dent and crack, and cold and warm air enters the house through those spaces.

The good news is old windows that are beyond repair can be replaced. Furthermore, it is better to replace the entire unit to enjoy energy efficiency and save on energy costs. However, the new energy-efficient windows and doors require proper installation and maintenance to perform well. Here are some essential tips to learn about replacing doors and windows Markham.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency On The Windows

While replacing the windows is a better option to get the most energy efficiency, there are other options to enhance energy efficiency. For example, new windows with a broken locking system can be repaired or have the locks replaced. Repairs or replacing a small part is less expensive than replacing the entire unit.

You can also add caulking or weather-stripping on cracked windows or replace the panes with double or triple-paned ones. Another way to enhance energy efficiency is by installing storm windows and choosing energy-efficient frame materials.

Replacing The Windows And Glazing

New energy-efficient windows are easy to open and close, and they maintain the correct temperatures in the room. The heating and cooling system has less work, using less heat, hence reducing the energy bills.

The new windows Markham come with double or triple glass panes filled with argon gas between the panes which prevents air exchange in and out of the house. The insulated frames and sashes are also energy efficient. If the entire window unit is broken and faded, it is essential to replace it. However, if the frame is in good condition, you can buy a new window insert.


Homeowners pay less attention to the doorbells, windows and doors Markham because they do not inspect them. During the inspection, you will notice rot, mold and stains on the windows. You can also notice small cracks on the glass. Repairing minor signs of breakage can save the window and last it longer than if the cracks were left unrepaired. This will also save you from replacing the window when you are not ready.

Apply Caulking

If you notice air leakage through the windows and doors Markham, you can apply caulking around the window trim and any parts that join the window to the wall. However, when buying a caulk, ensure it is either outdoors or indoors and apply it where necessary.

Choose A Window Style

There are many window styles that you can choose from. For newbies, this can be a challenging process. If you are not sure which window styles look great on your home, consider help from a professional. Besides, these different window styles have a way of weatherstripping to ensure they do not allow air entry. Some of the types available are;

Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Double and single-hung windows provide energy efficiency, but they should be weather-stripped on the sides, top and bottom of their moving sash. This prevents air leaks and maintains energy efficiency. You can use a thin plastic V-type weatherstripping on the sides and strip the space between the window and the frame.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open by moving the sash on a track. The window requires brush weatherstripping. The installer removes the old weatherstripping and replaces it with the new material, ensuring it is correctly placed in its slot. You can staple or glue the ends of the material to ensure it is properly fixed.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows Markham protect the main window and provide energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. They are installed inside or outside, and some are seasonal. You can choose windows constructed using wood or metal frames to add energy efficiency. Also, glass storm windows in Markham are ideal.

Ensure the window has a double or triple-paned glass filled with argon gas. The gas is an insulator and prevents air exchange, hence energy efficiency. The drawback of installing a seasonal storm window is the labor of installing and uninstalling involved.