How To Make Exterior Windows Look Bigger: Simple Tricks For Homeowners 

Creating the illusion of larger exterior windows is a popular trend among homeowners looking to enhance their homes’ curb appeal and perceived value. Larger windows can help improve the aesthetic of a house and allow for more natural light to penetrate the interior, making spaces appear brighter and more welcoming.

This article delves into how to make exterior windows look bigger.

Utilize Trim And Molding 

One of the most straightforward ways to make windows appear larger is by adding or enhancing the trim and molding around them. A wider, more pronounced trim painted in contrasting colors draws the eye and frames the window, giving it a more substantial presence. For example, using a bright white trim against a darker siding can make the windows pop and appear larger than they are.

Incorporate Exterior Doors And Windows 

Adding harmoniously designed exterior doors and windows can significantly enhance the perceived size of the windows. Homeowners can create a seamless aesthetic that tricks the eye by selecting doors and windows that feature matching design elements like similar grilles or consistent framing styles.

This visual continuity across different architectural components makes each window appear larger and more expansive, contributing to a cohesive and attractive exterior appearance that enhances both style and curb appeal.

Add Landscaping Enhancements 

Add Landscaping Enhancements 

Effective landscaping is a transformative approach to visually enlarging exterior windows. By positioning tall, narrow plants like columnar evergreens alongside windows, the vertical lines naturally draw the eye upwards, enhancing the perception of height and size.

Alternatively, placing low, broad shrubbery along the window’s base can visually extend its lower boundary, which makes the windows look taller from a distance. This strategic use of flora beautifies the space and frames the windows, increasing their visual impact and apparent size.

Use Mirrors Strategically 

Mirrors serve as a powerful design tool to amplify space and light in exterior settings, creating a larger-than-life effect for windows. By installing mirrors on walls close to or adjacent to windows, they reflect both light and the outdoor scenery which effectively doubles the visual scope seen through the windows.

This strategy is especially beneficial in smaller yards or gardens, where maximizing the sense of space is crucial. Mirrors can make it appear as if there are more windows, which helps expand the architectural dynamics of the space.

Use Paint Colors And Contrasts 

The choice of paint colors on exterior walls plays a crucial role in influencing the perceived size of bigger windows. Opting for lighter shades can make the building’s facade feel more open and expansive.

To enhance this effect, introducing a contrasting color for the window frames can create a bold outline that visually separates the windows from the rest of the building, highlighting them as distinct features. This contrast draws attention to the windows and frames them in a way that emphasizes their size and presence.

Change Window Dressings 

The selection and placement of window dressings are crucial in influencing the perceived size of windows. Installing window treatments such as curtains or blinds that extend beyond and above the actual window frames can create an illusion of larger windows.

These should be mounted high and wide, and keeping them open during daylight hours maximizes natural light and enhances the illusion of depth and space. Such strategic placement can beautify the space and visually enlarge the windows, making interiors feel airier and more spacious.

Add Window Boxes 

Integrating window boxes filled with vibrant flowers or lush plants injects color and life into a home’s exterior and visually enlarges the windows.

By adding these boxes, homeowners can extend the visual height of their windows as the eye follows the line of plants upward, making the windows appear taller. This practical and decorative addition serves dual purposes: enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal and creating an optical illusion that increases the perceived size of the windows.

Use Reflective Window Films 

Reflective window films are an effective dual-purpose enhancement for glass windows. By mirroring the external environment, these films increase privacy by obscuring the interior view from outsiders.

Simultaneously, they reflect more light, making windows look brighter and seemingly larger. This affordable solution is easy to apply and offers the added benefit of improving a home’s energy efficiency by reducing heat gain. This makes it a cost-effective upgrade that also enhances the visual scale of the windows.


Enhancing the appearance of exterior windows to make them look larger is a task that doesn’t necessarily require major construction. Simple adjustments, such as altering trim, modifying landscaping, and employing strategic color contrasts, can significantly impact how big the windows appear.

These changes improve the look of a home and add to its overall value by boosting curb appeal. By using these tricks, homeowners can achieve a more inviting and visually appealing exterior without the need for extensive renovations.