Whether you’re building a vacation rental home from scratch or renting out one room, a stunning interior is a must. Furnishing a vacation rental to a high standard will help hosts attract guests, increase bookings, and enhance the guest experience.

There are plenty of ways you can wow your guests, from buying quality furniture for a rental property to focusing your attention on rental decorating. So, grab your tape measure and paintbrush, and let’s find out how to furnish a vacation rental home unless you want to spend the vacation watching torrent all day long.

How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a House?

Furnishing a vacation rental doesn’t have to cost the earth, but short-term rental furniture should complement your property. Set a budget based on your rental fees and the type of accommodation you are offering.

A high-end rental will call for fine décor and upscale rental property furniture – which can be pricey. If you’re looking to offer more affordable accommodation, opt for the key essentials to keep costs low.

If you’re wondering how to furnish a vacation rental home on a budget, you’ll be pleased to hear there are a few options. The cheapest way to furnish a rental house is to use surplus furniture from your own home. Alternatively, scour markets, auction sites, and house clearance sales for second-hand bargains.

For convenience, you could explore vacation rental furniture packages. There is a wide range of furniture packages for rental properties available. Look for one that features stylish, hard-wearing, and inexpensive items.

How To Furnish a Vacation Rental Home for Your Target Guests?

Not sure how to furnish a short-term rental? As a general rule, when furnishing vacation home, your interior design should cater to your target guests. Leave your personal taste at the door and make sure that owner is not looking to sell this house very fast or else all your efforts will go in vain.

Think about who you are trying to attract. What will they look for? For instance, young families might appreciate safe and comfortable accommodation offering stair gates, high chairs, etc.

Business travelers will appreciate a workstation and speedy Wi-Fi connection. While guests with pets will appreciate doggy bowls and towels, and homes where their beloved canine companion is made to feel welcome.

How to Create a Checklist for Furnishing a Vacation Home?

Figuring out how to furnish a vacation rental home needn’t be a problem – you just need to get organized. Putting together your own rental property furnishing checklist will help you to ensure your property is fully functional.

It’s worth producing two lists – one for essential items and one for optional extras. You don’t have to offer every single thing you might find in a residential home, but you do need to cover the basics e.g., a comfortable bed, dining table filled with food, sofa, etc. Niceties such as decor, board games, a coffee machine, etc. can be added at a later date.

How to Pick Short-Term Vacation Home Furniture?

There are so many ways you can decorate and deciding how to furnish a vacation rental home can prove challenging. Start by defining your style – Pinterest, Instagram, interior design websites, and vacation rental blogs will provide inspiration.

Try to match your vacation rental design to your location and type of accommodation. For example, a beach hut would lend itself well to a nautical theme, whereas a cabin in the woods would suit a rustic, natural look – think chunky furnishings and soft woolen throws.

A neutral palette lends itself well to adding and changing accessories – allowing you to keep things fresh. Too many accessories can look fussy, and there’s more chance of an item being misplaced or broken – keeping things simple works best.

So, what’s the best furniture for rental properties? Go for quality items that are robust and practical e.g., the best couch for a vacation rental might not be the white suede one you spotted in your favorite store!

What Are Top Tips for Vacation Rental Design?

Keen to get started? Here are a few things to think about:

  • Budget – how much can you afford? Once you’ve worked it out, stick to it!
  • Lighting – transforms a space. Lamps are essential and LED light bulbs are good for the environmentally conscious.
  • Storage – invest in shelving and drawers. Long-term guests need plenty of space for their belongings. Short-term guests appreciate not having to live out of a suitcase!
  • Outdoors – keep lawns manicured and add plant pots to brighten up the exterior. Add patio furniture for guests too.

How to Showcase Property Updates Through Your Listing?

Well-furnished vacation rentals should be celebrated! Showcase your property and any positive updates to the décor via your vacation rental listing. Include photographs and make sure the property description explains what you have to offer.

If your rental has recently undergone a makeover don’t be afraid to say so!

Do you Know How to furnish a vacation rental home?

We hope this has provided some insight on how to furnish a vacation rental home. It’s worth investing in this aspect of your business, after all, a well-appointed property can enhance occupancy and profit levels.

You also need to provide flawless communication. It’s fair to say hosting can be a juggling act, but you can get a helping hand – automate your day-to-day operations via property management software. This will allow you more time to focus on providing a first-rate property and perfect guest experience.