There is a small misunderstanding between consumers and their high-end smart products. The biggest risk to home security will always be the homeowner, and any individuals with access to the equipment. With a smart door, increasing its security starts just like the safety of gogoanime by understanding your own limitations.

How Many Layers of Security?

A smart door can be considered a single layer of security for a home. If you want reliable security systems like IT security Sydney, then a single layer won’t keep out an aggressive hacker. Before you even get to the point of installing a smart door, purchase a video surveillance system. This monitors activity at the front door, and around your entire residence.

If the camera system doesn’t come with a doorbell activator, purchase one that is compatible with the rest of the equipment. Video doorbells have become a necessity thanks to the rise of porch pirates. And just like a video surveillance system, they are activated by motion. All of this should be powered by a secure model and router combo with the latest firmware updates.

You now have three layers of security before even considering the purchase of a smart door. This is the minimum setup, and one that guarantees you the best results.

Did You Set It Up Correctly?

No matter how complex the system, it will instantly fail if the setup is done incorrectly. There are several home security systems that leave their Wi-Fi passwords at the default setting. There are even more systems that don’t have a password at all. For a hacker, this is no different than leaving your front door key under the welcome mat.

Professional setup is strongly recommended, even for a minimal home security install. The small amount of money you have to spend on an install is less important than the giant security hole that will be filled by a professional. You’ll also have the option of ongoing support with technical issues, upgrades and general how-to questions.

If it takes no effort to get through your smart door, then it will be more noticeable than having no security at all.

Branding Matters

All in one home security systems are on the rise. Ease of use is the main reason, but the real winner here is that all of the components are compatible. These packages are now including smart doors in their combos, an inclusion that is both new and exciting. Older versions of smart doors make entry a pain for both hackers and homeowners with or without the nest cameras. Newer versions have corrected that, and come highly recommended as a way to protect your home.

When purchasing an all-in-one home security package, pay close attention to the brand. Read reviews about maintenance, quality and accessibility away from the home. Being able to control your smart door with a connected app will save everyone involved a lot of frustration. There should also be an emergency backup option that allows access when normal entry methods fail.

Smart doors should always be a convenience for the owner, and an absolute nightmare for a hacker.

Don’t Make Smart Products Dumb

A smart product is fully optimized when the user understands how it works. Maintain the system like a car, and it will treat you well for years. Smart doors need smart owners as anything less would be a huge security risk.