Every pool owner loves to have a crystal-clean pool for a healthy swim. But the reality is- it’s challenging to keep the water blue (crystal clear) throughout the year of the entire summer season.

If you leave your pool for a week, you can find it turns green completely. In other words, your swimming pool becomes full of algae. Yes, there are a lot of methods to clean the green pool. But today, we will show you the way of using a sand filter to suck away dirt, dust, and leaves. Now, you may ask- how do you clear a green pool with a sand filter?

Stay in tune with us till the end to learn how to use the sand filter to clean a green pool.

How do you clear a green pool with a sand filter?

If you don’t schedule your time to clean your pool for a week, algae will welcome you when opening the pool. Fortunately, you can turn the green water of your pool into crystal clean by removing the algae with a sand filter. Below, we will break down how to clean a swimming pool using the sand filter.

Step 1. Vacuum Your Pool First

Start with vacuuming your pool to suck away dirt, debris, and leaves. You can use a net for fishing out the leaves, dust, and particles. Next, ensure you tidy up the skimmers and put in new nets.

Now, grab a brush and start brushing the walls and floors of your pool. This cleaning workflow will keep the pool liner free from algae, dirt, and dust. Turns out, you can remove pool algae with vacuum. So, using a pool vacuum in this step will be worth it.

Lastly, don’t forget to clean the built-in pump.

Step 2. Backwash Your Sand Filter

You can find a dial on top of the sand filter. Using the dial, you can control or adjust the water flow direction through the system.

Ensure you shut off your pool pump before making any adjustments. Once you switch off the pump, just set the dial on top of the sand filter to backwash. Then, shut down the valve to allow water to return to your pool. Make sure you keep the other valve open to let the water empty via the sand filter.

Now, turn on your pool pump. You can find the water flowing through the sand filter. And the sand filter will capture all the dirt, dust, algae to keep your valuable swimming pool crystal clear.

Once you drain all the dirty water from your pool, turn off your pool pump. Then, turn the dial on top of your sand filter back to normal operation. Shut down the valve that allows water to drain through the sand filter. And re-open the valve to let the water flow back to your swimming pool.

Finally, turn on the pool pump again and the workflow of draining water through the sand filter is complete.

Step 3. Adjust Your Pool Chemical

It’s time to check the chemical level of your swimming pool. First off, check the pH level of your pool water. It’s indispensable as the correct pH level helps other chemicals to work properly.

Also, add chlorine to your pool to sanitize the water by killing algae, dirt, and dust. Follow the package direction of the product when applying chlorine to your pool.

Afterward, put flocculant into the skimmer baskets. This chemical will help to accumulate the small particles and large particles and bind them together. As a result, the sand filter can easily trap them.

Now, backwash the sand filter for your above-ground pool again after 12 hours. Follow the steps we mentioned in Step 2 to backwash the sand filter.

After running the filter system for 24 hours, you will get a crystal clear pool by removing all the dirt, debris, and leaves.


Can a sand filter remove algae?

Yes, a sand filter can remove algae. Make sure you set the sand filter to the waste setting to eliminate algae from your swimming pool.

How long does it take a sand filter to clean a green pool?

The sand filter takes a lot of time to clean a green pool. It will take a week or more to clean a green pool with your sand filter. In this case, you can use a cartridge filter to quicken the green pool cleaning workflows.

How often do you backwash a green pool?

Green or cloudy water clogs the filter quickly. So, you should backwash the filter 3-4 times a day to prevent the filter from clogging and ensure the efficiency of the filter.


Cleaning a green pool with a sand filter is just a piece of cake. Just vacuum your pool first. Then, backwash the sand filter to filter the water by capturing the dirt, debris, and algae. Follow the steps we mentioned if you don’t know how to backwash the sand filter. But the best suggestion is to vacuum and balance the chemical of your pool to keep your pool crystal clear.