The word swimming pool brings in a lot of emotions for many people. For example, when they hear about it, all they can think about is relaxation, chill, fun, watching light-hearted movies on Solarmovie, summer, etc.

In short, people often connect swimming pools with positive, fun, and endearing moments in their life. And did you know? Having your own pool in your backyard can be so beneficial!

And if you found this article and are reading it right now, then it means getting a swimming pool is on your mind. Well, it’s a great thing to own a swimming pool.

Why? Because a swimming pool becomes a doorway to a better lifestyle, better exercise regime, improvement in health, and much more. A swimming pool in your backyard will also offer you a more fun time with your family & friends, a lot more time to relax both physically & mentally.

Here are nine incredible benefits of owning a backyard swimming pool:

1. Fitness

A lot of adults go to the gym to carry out their fitness regime; however, a swimming pool offers a much better and more fun way to exercise. Many adults would also be happy to get a backyard swimming pool as their children are more likely to benefit from it.

You may have heard or seen a lot of parents talking about how their children transformed physically by the end of the summer. Well, this points to one thing – having fun, getting trained, and most of all, following a fitness regime for a couple of hours every day during the summer.

What does this mean? It means that instead of binging on Netflix & munching on snacks, you and your children could be having fun & staying fit with fun games & activities in your pool.

And the best part? Anything you do – play, swim, etc. – will count as an exercise that will help you grow physically and mentally.

2. Offers Aquatic Therapy

Apart from fitness, owning a swimming pool can open the door to aquatic therapy. It is one of the best ways to help people, suffering from major health issues such as fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy, and other issues as well.

3. Vacation At Home

Well, a more popular word, “staycation,” might ring bells in your mind. Owning a swimming pool will make it seem like a vacation at home, and you wouldn’t need to travel elsewhere to chill and relax. You can enjoy your vacation and ignore the ring doorbells at the same time.

This is more of a reason in today’s time to own a swimming pool (considering how safe it is to stay at home).

Apart from that, staying at home will also help you save some extra bucks that you would have spent naturally while traveling. So, you can think of owning a swimming pool as a way to save money.

4. More Family Time

This is probably the best reason why you should have a swimming pool in your backyard.

In this world of social media and advanced technologies, we are constantly getting pulled away from our family members due to the so-called “distractions”. Yes, sometimes the reasons are genuine, but the other times it is us who’re not able to bond with them.

This is where swimming pools come into the picture. It gives everyone in the family an excuse to hand around, chill, stay away from distractions, play games together and most importantly – spend time together.

5. A Great Way To Relieve Stress

Most of the time, customers are in a dilemma if getting a pool is a good investment for them or not. But trust us, if you’re stuck in the same dilemma, go for it. Because being in the pool and chilling around it, is one of the best stress busters in the world.

6. Stronger Relations With Community Activities

Well, this benefit is not necessarily for everyone out there. Are you a family that loves to spend time doing community activities, and engaging with other people? Then owning a pool is one of the best tools to do it.

You can invite them over to your pool which can lead to a plethora of amazing, memorable experiences and will help you grow & nurture stronger bonds with the community.

7. Improved Bedtime of Your Kids

This might seem like an odd benefit associated with owning a swimming pool. However, if you’re a parent of a pre-adolescent child, then you must know how difficult it can be to put your kid down for bed time. This can also become a lot more difficult during the summer.

So, what should you do to solve it and give your kids a better sleep cycle? Owning a family swimming pool!

Sounds strange? Well, it isn’t! If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, then your kids would love to play in and around it all day. What good will it do for your kids’ bedtime? Well, if your kids are playing too much all day then they’re deemed to get tired pretty easily by nightfall. This will lead them to go to bed themselves, without you telling them to!

8. Best Reason For Staying At Home

Being a parent, it becomes overwhelming when your teenagers want to spend more time at their friends’ homes than your own. But wait, there’s a solution to this problem – a swimming pool in the backyard!

Trust us, with a swimming pool in your home’s backyard, your grown-up (well teenagers) children would love to invite their friends over rather than going to theirs. This will lead them to spend more time at home and it will comfort you to watch your kid growing up with their friends rather than spending most of the days outside.

9. Improve Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

Well, this is no brainer. With a swimming pool in your backyard, the appeal of your home is only going to increase. So, when your guests visit you next time, they’re going to love the new addition to your home. And imagine the kind of BBQ party you’ll have in your backyard!

Apart from increasing your home’s curb appeal, a swimming pool also improves its market value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a swimming pool increases the value of homes by an average of 5%.

For example, if your home’s value is $400,000, then adding a swimming pool in your backyard will increase the value by around $20,000. This is the increased value only in a typical case. However, in some cases, the home’s value can also increase more than that.