Spending less on your home insurance policy is something that we all would love to be able to do. The great thing is that it is more than possible to do so. All you need to do is put a little time and effort into the task, and you will be able to cut some costs. Let’s take a hard look at the 7 ways to spend less on your home insurance policy so you can use the money for more important things.

1) Increase Your Deductible

The most straightforward way to decrease your insurance premium on your house insurance policy is to increase your deductible. The higher the amount you have to pay if you file a claim, the lower your overall costs to keep it active will be unlike swiggy money.

2) Make Household Changes To Increase Safety

Nine out of ten insurance carriers will have ways that you can gain discounts on your home insurance policy. They are more than willing to work with you if you show that you are serious about home safety. There are a couple of things that you should do before you approach your agent, all of which can get you some extra money in your pocket.

  • Install a camera system, including a doorbell cam.
  • Install smoke detectors and a couple carbon dioxide units.
  • Install storm shutters if you are in an area with high winds or tornadoes.
  • If you are still in the process of looking for a house, move into a community that is gated and secure.
  • If you are moving, look in areas that have low crime.

3) Bundle All Your Insurance Policies

If you want to save money on all your insurance policies at once, you can find a home insurance policy that will also bundle in all your other insurance. For example, if you have a private health insurance policy with another carrier, bring it to your new procedure so it can all go under one big umbrella policy.

4) Change Home Insurance Carriers

If your current home insurance carrier is unwilling to work with you or give you discounts that you know you deserve, it may be time to start looking at other carriers or agents. The best way to do this is to go online and find a comparison site that will do all the work for you, such as the platform at iSelect.

5) Adjust Your Home Coverage Amounts

There are many different adjustments that you can make to your home insurance policy to decrease the amount of the premiums. Read through your contract and see what you do not need, or find things that do not need to be as high as you have it set.

6) File Claims Only When Needed

It might be financially beneficial to file a claim with your home insurance carrier every time something happens, but you need to consider a couple of things. If the incident is not very costly to fix, do it yourself without filing a claim. Every time you file a claim with your carrier, it will increase the cost of your premium. So, if you do not need to file a claim, don’t.

7) Improve Your Credit Score

The higher your credit score is, the better your premium costs will be. You should always concentrate on improving this part of life because everything that deals with finances will revolve around that little number. Take the steps necessary to improve your number before you sign a policy for the upcoming year.


These 7 ways to spend less on your home insurance policy may not seem like much, but if you do all these steps, you will see a decrease in the costs. There are so many options available to you for an insurance carrier, so never feel like you owe your business to any of them.

You have the power to switch, so if they want your business, they will do what they can to keep your business or to get it if you are looking around. If they don’t, move on to another insurance company that will.