When it comes to home safety, you want to do everything in your power to protect your house or apartment. You want to know and feel safe inside its walls. Of course, you can set up alarms, but have you ever thought about smart tech? Here are 7 gadgets with explanations of how smart technology is improving your home safety.


Smart Locks

You want to make picking a lock for the thieves as hard as possible. But a smart lock is much more than that. It unlocks with your fingerprint. This smart tech can also send alerts to your mobile phone when someone enters or exits the door.

Other bonus perks include the ability to create access codes and revoke permissions for your partner, friends, family, or help. But the best thing about smart technology for your home is that it can be locked and unlocked from your mobile phone. Just think about all of the times when you got out of the car to double-check if you have locked the front door. No more!

Doorbell Cameras

With doorbell cameras, you can always see who is at the front door. It is easier to pretend you are not home if you don’t sneak up to the door to check who is behind it. But more importantly, you can simply check if an intruder approaches your home.

The camera is connected to your phone, so you can access the camera feed remotely, even when you are not at home. These pieces of tech rarely malfunction, but if that happens you can always consult troubleshooting guides.

Motion Sensors

Installing motion sensors can greatly improve the safety of your home. They can detect even the slightest movement around doors and windows. You will be immediately alerted if this happens via the mobile phone app.

If anything happens, you will be able to react promptly, even if you don’t see an uninvited guest entering your home. The best part about this smart technology is that it tells you which window or door was opened. You will know what direction not to go and you can move around the house accordingly.

Smart Lighting Systems

It is a well-known fact that your home is less likely to be burglarized if it is well lit. Simply said, burglars, will likely think you are home if the lights go on at a certain time of day. But if there is a pattern, like with a timer, they will probably notice it after a few days.

Not only are smart lights great to light any major houses, they are also a great option for tiny homes. They are an affordable solution for you that you can control with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Smart Air Quality Regulators

Air pollution causes a vast majority of respiratory diseases. So you want to make sure that the quality of air inside your home is as best as possible. And with smart technology for improving your home, it is.

Smart air quality regulators can detect the presence of pollutants in your home and measure humidity. When the air quality drops, the system activates to reduce harmful matters in the house and can even eliminate bad odors.


Smart Temperature Control

You may take this in a fun-spirited way, but temperature control fights are real. And they are harmful to any relationship. With smart temperature control devices, the tech learns your patterns, so it can self-regulate the thermostat.

This device actually makes a home safer, especially for elderly people. They don’t need to go and set thermostats constantly.

Smart Fire Alarms

Some fire alarms detect smoke, while others detect flames. And you may think that one is more dangerous than the other, but they are both equally dangerous. It can cost a person their life. Luckily, smart fire alarms can detect both.

Smoke which primarily consists of carbon monoxide (CO) is colorless and odorless. A person may lose consciousness before they are able to react. But the smart fire alarm will send an alert to their mobile phone with the exact location where the gas has been detected. This makes any home much safer.

Smart technology is being developed and perfected every day to make your life easier. But more importantly, many of these pieces of smart tech make your home safer. Apart from their intended purpose they can run self-diagnostics, so you can always check when it is time to change the battery of a device.

The devices connect to your mobile phone, which you probably carry with you all the time. This means you can get an alert if something is wrong even when you are not at home. So it takes you less time to react, making you more relaxed and safer.