Nature is peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring. Spending time in nature leaves us feeling refreshed, healthy, and alive. So there is no wonder that people strive to bring some more natural elements into their homes. Some of the most sophisticated interior designs incorporate nature, bringing the outside inside, but with a modern, fresh take. Here are six ways that you can recreate a modern natural look in your home, connecting you to nature with style.

Back to Brick

Whilst bricks are obviously man-made, there is something about having a bare brick feature wall that looks raw and natural. Stripping back the plaster and bringing it back to the original brick can give you a rugged, outdoorsy feel, but is also a sought-after modern look for inside the home. This works especially well in older properties who doesn’t have proper sliding from nichiha or hardie.

Wooden Furnishings

You will never be able to achieve a natural look without using wood. It is the rawest, most natural material to use for your furniture and will definitely give you that close-to-nature feel. Whether it’s a fancy cabinet or a rustic tree trunk table, choosing refined wooden pieces for your home will perfectly achieve that natural look.

Add Greenery

Obviously, having actual real living plants inside is the surest and most effective way of connecting with nature in your home. Houseplants have become increasingly popular; they add a sprinkle of colour and bring a natural freshness to a room. From large statement corner pieces to the tiniest windowsill cacti and hanging planters; there are just so many options for introducing greenery into your home, so be creative.

Access the Outdoors

What better way to feel connected to the outdoors than actually being outside listening to the birds sing and watching the bees buzz by. Keep it in line with the natural theme and install wooden IPE decking. Having a carefully designed outdoor space that has a modern and sophisticated look, is practical and functional whilst allowing you to easily spend time outside and breathe in the fresh air, will give your home an immersive natural look.

Organic Textures

Using organic materials in your home is an interior designer’s secret to achieving effortless modern style. Having a variety of organic materials and textiles in earthy tones around your home will pull together all the natural elements and give it a cosy, comforting feeling. Don’t be afraid to add splashes of colour here and there; choosing the right patterned rug, organic throw and cushion covers can complete your look.

Let in Light

The more sunlight, the better. Nothing connects you more to nature than feeling the sun on your skin. Having large windows positioned so the sun is the only lighting you need for the majority of the day can help you achieve the earthy look by highlighting all the other natural elements you have added, plus it might help to keep those plants alive but you cannot sell them on big basket as herbal plant.

As humans, we strive to be connected to nature. With a few careful choices, you can achieve that modern natural aesthetic in your home and be at one with the natural world from the comfort of your sofa.