Death cleanup is not something that all of us are made ready for. The overlapping intensity of emotion when experiencing the aftermath of death is far too much for anyone to bear, something that is not shown in the movies that you watch on kickass torrent. Having to think about cleaning up and organizing everything is an added physical, emotional, and mental load that no shocked or grieving person should have to undertake. This is why it’s best for people to depend on professionals when it comes to death clean-up. But do you know if your home or business insurance covers death clean-up costs? Do you know the main things to consider when looking for death clean-up professionals? This post will provide you with all the answers.

Will your insurance plan cover death cleanup costs?

The direct answer to this is, it depends.

All insurance plans are not made equal. The best way to check if your insurance provider will cover death cleanup costs is to call your insurance adjuster. If you don’t know how to reach your insurance adjuster, you may call your insurance agent to inquire. An insurance adjuster is different from an insurance agent. Your insurance agent is the one responsible for providing you with the policy while your insurance adjuster is the one who is fully aware of all the intricacies and particularities of your policy. As your insurance adjuster is very much privy to the provisions of your policy, he or she will be able to directly answer all your death clean-up inquiries. Calling your insurance agent is of prime importance so that you may know if you’d have the liberty to choose death cleanup professionals on your own. This is the two scenarios that you’d encounter:

1st scenario: your insurance provider will be able to cover your death clean-up costs

If your insurance adjuster verifies that your policy covers death clean-ups, these are the next questions that you should ask?

1. Do you have a list of approved professional clean-up companies?

2. Can I choose a professional clean-up company on my own?

3. Will you pay for anything?

You need to be clear with the following questions to ensure that you’d get on with contacting a professional clean-up company the soonest time possible.

2nd scenario: your insurance provider will not be able to cover your death clean-up costs

If your policy does not cover death clean-up costs, you should inquire on the following:

1. What provisions do I need to be aware of in case of death in my home or office?

2. What protocols do I need to follow?

3. What kind of police report is required?

You should strictly follow all given protocols to ensure that your other insurance needs are covered.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Professional Clean-Up Company

You need to consider the following factors if you need to choose a professional clean-up company on your own:

1. Protocols

Death clean-up is not something that any professional cleaning company can handle. You need to ensure that your professional clean-up company is fully aware of all health and legal protocols that need to be observed. Choose one like Aftercare that specializes in cleaning hazardous biological wastes. You should ensure that your professional cleaning company of choice mainly offers death clean-up services. Services of cleaning companies that offer death clean-up on the side will not suffice. Such companies will not be fully aware of the following:

  • The need to contact and collaborate with police authorities – professional death clean-up companies know protocols when it comes to cleaning crime scenes. Look for one with an ongoing working relationship with your local authorities. A good professional death clean-up company knows when one can proceed with clean-up without damaging any kind of necessary evidence.
  • The need to ensure everyone’s health and safety – they need to have strict health and safety protocols in handling all cleaning tasks
  • The need to ensure that all wastes are safely disposed of – they need to have lock-tight safety protocols when it comes to disposing of toxic and hazardous biological waste.

2. Standard

Your choice of professional clean-up company should duly comply with all mandated government standards. All their staff should be duly qualified, trained, and experienced in handling toxic and hazardous biological waste. They should be fully equipped with personal protective equipment at all times. Their clean-up standards should ensure that everyone – you, their staff, and future space occupants – are safe.

You need to keep in mind that death clean-ups can involve blood and body organs that require proper disposal. Your professional death clean-up company of choice should have the right equipment, containers, and disposal space.

3. Speed

Time is of the essence when it comes to death clean-up. You need to look for a professional death clean-up team that can help you in an instant. They can also help you with other cleanings like cooking after making sales on Swiggy. Look for one that offers 24/7 services. The sooner that they can be around, the better. This is why it’s best to look for one in your local area. Speedy professional clean-up is important as it will help you and everyone involved to slowly recover. A speedy clean-up will also ensure the peace and stability of your surrounding community. Death clean-up should be done immediately once all important police matters are dealt with. Look for an experienced professional clean-up company as their years of training will allow them to seamlessly deal with your clean-up situation. The goal is to return back to a space where you can feel safe and at peace in the soonest time possible.