Height adjustable desk

Our current lifestyles lead us to spend more and more time sitting: at the office, in meetings, at home… However, scientific studies have demonstrated the link between sedentary lifestyle and certain pathologies such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) , cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers. Nearly 1 million people suffer from MSDs in particular. Height-adjustable desks allow you to go from sitting to standing or intermediate “sit-to-stand” position. This last position designates a posture in which the body is almost upright, resting on an ergonomic seat or bench. What are the benefits of a height-adjustable desk? You will know after reading this article.



First cause of occupational diseases in France, MSDs designate a set of pathologies located around the joints. This disorder is particularly due to the adoption of a prolonged sitting posture over a long period. MSDs affect the upper limbs (shoulders, elbow, etc.), the lower limbs (knee, ankle, etc.) and the spine.

A link has been established between work and musculoskeletal disorders. Among occupational diseases, the Social Security Code also classifies periarticular conditions due to certain working postures: acute tendinopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. (article L461-1 of the Labor Code).

You may have already experienced MSD-related symptoms yourself: pain in the neck or back, stiffness, etc. Disorders can be characterized in the more or less long term by low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiffness in the neck… MSDs

can have several origins and in particular a bad working position causing stretching or compression of the limbs repeated over time. The sitting position and sedentary lifestyle also increase the risk of generating other pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even certain cancers.


Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular diseases is one of the major challenges for companies today. Adopting a height-adjustable desk corresponds to a physiological need. The simple act of getting up regularly and for short periods can boost your metabolism. Blood circulation increases and you even burn calories!

The idea is to alternate sitting and standing positions, permanent standing is also not recommended. Indeed, pain can appear in the knees, the back and you could suffer from the disorder of the heavy legs.

In reality, human beings are made for movement, a permanent static position, sitting or standing, being discouraged. The idea is to alternate these postures and add the sit-stand position. By changing position several times during the day, you take care of your health while improving your concentration and productivity. Are you still hesitating?

By investing in standing desk ergonomic workstations for yourself and your office workers, you are thinking about your health and theirs. You can, for example, invest in smart chairs to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. At the same time, you comply with the applicable regulations.



The law of August 2, 2021, known as the “Law on health at work”, reinforced prevention in terms of health at work (Law n° 2021-1018). In particular, the law reinforces the importance of the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DUERP) that the employer must put in place or update each year.

The theme of quality of life at work (QVT) fits into this context. This includes improving the working conditions of its employees.

The National Interprofessional Agreement (ANI) defines QVT as: “A feeling of well-being at work perceived collectively and individually which encompasses the atmosphere, the culture of the company, the interest of the work, the working conditions, the feeling of involvement, the degree of autonomy and responsibility, equality, the right to make mistakes granted to everyone, recognition and appreciation of the work done.

The theme of well-being at work has developed considerably since the Covid-19 health crisis . Employees are looking for meaning and are looking for new ways of working.

Indeed, the quality of life at work imposes itself on employers because of an alarming observation. 16% of long-term sick leaves are due to psychological disorders, ahead of surgical operations, serious illnesses, Covid and musculoskeletal disorders (Source: Malakoff Humanis – December 6, 2021).

Improving QWL requires better working conditions and in particular the adoption of workstations that protect the health of employees.

This is even more true for the new generations. Human resources departments must redouble their efforts in order to attract and retain new talent within an organization.

The height-adjustable desk fully enters into this search for different working conditions, breaking with the traditional seated desk.


Many studies show that improving working conditions and QWL has a direct effect on the performance of a company.

By offering a better working environment and ergonomic workstations to your employees, your company will see:

  • a reduction in its turnover and the corresponding recruitment costs;
  • an attractive effect for new recruits and employee loyalty;
  • a reduction in absenteeism (sick leave) and delays;
  • an increase in performance and productivity.

Investing in height-adjustable desks allows you to increase the productivity of your business .

Finally, adopting a strategy to improve the working conditions of your employees will give your company a dynamic, innovative and positive image.

Adopting height-adjustable desks allows you to subscribe to a policy of improving the working conditions of your employees. While taking care of your health and that of your employees, you enhance your business and increase its performance. Contact us to learn more about our height adjustable desks.