5 Common Problems Home Service Businesses Face & How Field Service Management Software Can Help

The demand for home service businesses is steeply rising. According to data, the home services industry currently employs over 5.8 million professionals, up from 5 million in the previous year.

However, as demand grows, the challenges these businesses face continue to be a significant stumbling block to their growth. Home service businesses face several critical challenges, such as scheduling conflicts, poor invoice and payment processing, miscommunication between staff and clients, and inventory errors.

With the adoption of technology in the sector, specifically field service management software, most general contractors and home service business owners have a way of solving these pertinent issues.

Here’re the problems that field service management software will solve in your business.

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software is a solution that replaces manual administrative processes and legacy systems in home service businesses. It consolidates all your business operations into an easy-to-use platform that supports accounting, customer services, and project management, among other functions.

Field service management software gives general contractors, plumbers, landscapers, and other professionals in the home service industry greater visibility and more control for their crew and back-office teams. Therefore, they can easily manage various processes such as work orders, scheduling, and payments.

Since your back-office team and crew can work faster and with accurate information, field service management software eliminates inefficiencies in your business, leading to greater customer satisfaction, better revenue, and improved productivity.

Field service management software is often integrated with mobile apps, making it easier for mobile teams to handle digital paperwork, share real-time data, and communicate effectively.

With a mobile solution, your crew on the field and the back-office team are always on the same page, resulting in better communication and collaboration.

Common Field Service Management Problems Field Service Management Software Solves

52% of field service companies today still use manual methods to manage their operations. Therefore, home service businesses have a lot to benefit from adopting field service management software ahead of the competition.

Here’re the top problems that field service management software solves for home service businesses.

Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling is one of the biggest challenges for field service businesses. You must properly delegate work to your technicians if your business is to fulfill work orders on time and satisfy customer needs.

Most home service businesses suffer from the following scheduling conflicts:

  • Overlapping appointments – Often, a technician may take longer to complete a certain job, compromising the time needed to handle the next work. Overlapping appointments disrupt timely service delivery and hamper job quality since your crew must rush to complete the job.
  • Crew unavailability – Sometimes, a customer may have to wait longer for a work order to be fulfilled due to the lack of a free technician. The technician may be held up with another job or called in sick at daybreak. Getting a replacement is often difficult at this stage.
  • Double booking – When using manual scheduling processes, you can mistakenly book a crew member for an appointment twice or book two techs for one job.

Field service scheduling software gives better insight into your technician’s schedules and availability, allowing you to avoid the common scheduling conflicts associated with manual systems. Therefore, you can keep track of their work and dispatch them accordingly.

Work Order Management

Problems with work order management can put various areas of your home service business at risk. Work order management issues are very difficult to solve manually since they affect disparate areas of your business. These areas include identification, allocation, completion, inspection, and recording of a work order.

Several tasks must be completed on time and to good quality between each phase. Field service management software consolidates these processes and makes them more visible to the customer, back-office team, and your crew.

Therefore, for instance, if you want to plan a job site visit, you can view the customer’s availability on the software and schedule a day you’ll find them on-site instead of blindly turning up at the location, potentially wasting time, fuel, and other resources.


In legacy field service management using manual processes, customers and staff rely on slow and unreliable communication channels to get updates about the progress of a work order, request changes, and pass on any other crucial information.

For instance, the back-office team often has little to no information about the current location of the crew and their progress on a certain task. Therefore, they can’t appropriately report to a client about the progress of their project.

Communication disarray can cause a lot of headaches. Field service management software provides faster, real-time communication channels that improve visibility among staff and customers, resulting in faster service delivery and greater customer satisfaction.

The back-office team no longer has to play mediator since the customer can directly view job updates provided by the crew on the platform and communicate other changes, such as rescheduling, early and quickly.

Invoice and Payments Processing

Invoicing is one of home service businesses’ biggest and most expensive challenges. Most home service companies leave invoicing and payment processing duties to the crew or a small back-office team that can easily get overwhelmed and make errors.

Moreover, overwhelming your crew and office staff with manual invoicing draws their attention from other critical areas of your business, leading to poor customer satisfaction and sales.

More efficient invoice and payment processing saves you money lost in unpaid or delayed invoices and billing errors. Customers get accurate estimates and quotes that they can quickly honor using fast and secure online payment options.

Therefore, your crew focuses on other core business areas, ensuring better service delivery.

Inventory Errors

Home service businesses must accurately track inventory as it moves across crew members and vehicle fleets. Inventory errors can result in longer lead times, with your techs having to drive back to the warehouse or office to search for missing tools or equipment.

Digitizing inventory management using field service management software solves these issues. A digitized and centralized inventory is easier to monitor and supervise, meaning your home service business has better visibility into the movement and number of equipment or tools needed.

Therefore, your crew can prepare better for appointments and boost customer satisfaction.

Get Your Solution from a Trusted Partner

Field service businesses face many challenges that can be detrimental to their growth. However, field service management software offers effective solutions integrated into an easy-to-use, digitized platform. Contact a trusted vendor today and adopt a field service management software solution that will work for your crew.

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