When looking for a home entertainment streaming service, many factors influence your decision because there are many options from which to choose. The final streaming service you settle on will determine how much of your requirements it meets to your satisfaction.

The best streaming services available compete on delivering content that is on demand by the viewers. They, therefore, have competitive rates, accessibility features, regions that can use them, and the amount of content produced in a year. However, it might not be able to access shows or movies patented to one streaming service on another streaming service.

Your region also influences how you can access the streaming service and what content you are entitled to. For instance, to stream HBO in Australia, you need to be hooked up with Foxtel, Stan, Binge or a VPN to enjoy content from HBO Max. Before you decide on your preferred streaming service, have a look at the best rated unlimited home entertainment streaming services we have reviewed.


HBO Max starts with a great looking and easy to use web interface. The movies appear well sorted out in genres and a catalogue in alphabetical order. The movies and series catalogue are packed with on-demand and recent shows and old-time shows. The children’s sector is also well stocked with animations that have the best of ratings.

HBO rates are pretty high but worth it. A subscription goes for $15 a month and can get used on three devices simultaneously. This subscription supports mobile downloads for your favourite shows and shows high-quality videos up to 4K resolution. With the recent extension of streaming right from NHL to Turner Sports, HBO will soon be featuring live games.


Netflix currently stands as the most popular streaming service having the most subscribers unless you are busy on torrent. The content on Netflix is probably inexhaustible, and it doesn’t have a fixed catalogue at a specific period. However, the catalogue features movies, TV series, documentaries, comedy specials and even animations. All these are presented in a friendly user interface also neatly arrayed.

Netflix has three subscription plans; basic, standard and premium. They all get access to the entire catalogue, but quality for a basic account is SD, HD for standard and up to 4K for premium. The number of simultaneous streams also differ among the subscriptions. For basic, you get only one user-supported, two for standard and four for premium. The prices are $8.99, $13.99, and $17.99, respectively.

Netflix allows offline downloads on mobiles and has no ads. In addition, Netflix has parental controls for parents to monitor their kids’ content and allows parents to create personalized kids’ profiles. Users can access their Netflix accounts on any smart device such as mobile phones, smart TVs, game consoles, tablets, and other streaming media players.

Amazon Prime Video

Apart from a few exceptional countries, prime video is available worldwide with over 201 million subscribers. It is reputable for its high-quality streams of up to 4K and does not go below 1080p. With its many acclaimed originals, Amazon Prime Video presents a wide variety of content to choose from. There is something for everyone, and downloading to watch when offline is enabled.

For a Prime Video subscription, $8.99 will have you sorted, but if you seek an upgrade to Amazon Prime, then you’ll have to dig an extra $3 a month more. However, students are eligible for a discount of almost 40% of the standard rates on both accounts. With the Amazon account, you can stream on three devices simultaneously and even download content for online view. In addition, the subscriptions are ad-free.

Amazon subscription proves to be even more beneficial as live streams for selected sports are now available on Prime Video, the broadcaster for sports like football. Parental controls are an added advantage as content filtration is essential to prevent kids from bumping into mature content.


Marvel fans will recommend Disney plus at any time. It gets recognized for a friendly subscription rate of $8 a month. The bundle plan with Hulu and ESPN+ goes for $13.99. The accounts support up to four simultaneous streams from different devices. In addition, the subscriptions support offline downloads and streaming high-quality videos of up to 4K resolutions.

Disney has a vast collection of originals in its catalogue and has enriched it with franchises from other producers such as the 21st Century Fox, Sony and Hulu. Disney has the best content for children and if your main drive for getting a streaming service subscription is for your kids, look no further. The spectacular display on the access page is also recommendable.


For unlimited home entertainment, the listed streaming services have the best content and a variety of it, for that matter, just order from swiggy and enjoy binge-watching sessions. However, getting an account from any streaming service depends on what you are looking for because they compete in different aspects.