Can you imagine your everyday life without a mobile connection? We are so accustomed to it that our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily routine: we make calls to stay in touch with our families, we communicate with our business partners, we use social media apps for entertainment and for getting useful information. And of course, the quality of our connection really matters. That’s why we usually pay so much attention to choosing the best mobile operator.

What can be the reason for your poor mobile signal?

Usually, when people notice that they have permanent issues with their signal, they start to think about changing their provider of mobile service. But quite often even if you change the carrier, the quality of the signal will stay at the same level. It sounds rather weird, doesn’t it? However, the issue is that the signal deterioration can be not the fault of your carrier but a result of the influence of many external factors like landscape and characteristics of the materials that were used for building your house.

If your neighborhood is surrounded by hills, mountains, or even just high trees, your connection can be spoilt. If your office is located on the ground floor, you may also experience some issues with the signal. And it is just a couple of examples from the long list of different factors that may lead to your unstable connection.

Is there any solution?

So, if the change of a carrier may provide zero results, how can you solve such problems? There can be different options from less radical to quite crazy ones. After analyzing theoretically possible versions, we’ve come to the following conclusion. Moving to a new house can be a working method but, of course, not a very feasible option, but buying a mobile signal booster definitely is!

A mobile signal booster is a special device intended for strengthening different types of cell signals. A repeater catches a low signal transmitted by your operator, makes it more powerful and then spreads it within its coverage area. As a result, all mobile devices located within this area can enjoy the boosted signal. But that’s a very short description of the working principle of a booster. Let’s take a closer look at all the steps of the entire process.

How does a signal booster work?

If you have never heard about mobile amplifiers, it may sound strange that these devices are able to receive the signal when your smartphone can’t do that. However, there is nothing surprising. Each booster has at least two antennas. One of them is an outdoor antenna.

Namely, this element is responsible for catching the signal. And it is much more sensitive than an in-built antenna of your smartphone that performs the same function. That’s why, when your mobile device can’t receive a sufficient signal and shows one-two bars or doesn’t show any bars at all, a signal repeater demonstrates a good level of signal stability.

As soon as the outdoor antenna gets the signal, it sends the signal to a booster box. This element of the kit usually looks like a standard Wi-Fi router; its task is to amplify the received signal. It is quite compact and it is usually placed somewhere in the middle of the flat, house or office the area of which should be covered with the improved signal. Booster boxes of modern models can have LCD screens where you can see signal data.

The next task for your booster is to send the signal to all mobile devices that are placed in the zone of their coverage. It can be done with the help of an indoor antenna. The majority of boosters have one element of this kind.

But if one antenna is not enough for covering the desired area, you can upgrade your device with the second item. Usually, the second indoor antenna is required when you install a repeater in a private house, office building, or hotel and need to transmit the improved signal over several floors.

All the elements of a booster are connected with coaxial cables.

So, the standard kit usually includes the following positions:

  • One booster box
  • One outdoor antenna
  • One indoor antenna
  • Coaxial cables

Usually, producers add a manual for users to a standard order. Such manuals contain detailed guides with step-by-step instructions to help people install their boosters without any professional help.

Let’s choose the best booster!

To choose the best repeater for your situation, you need to decide on the type or types of signal that you want to improve (GSM, 3G, 4G) and the exact in-house area that should be covered by the amplified signal.

Today you can buy a device to enhance only one or several types of connection. For example, if you are quite satisfied with your mobile internet but your voice services are awful, you can buy a GSM booster. If all signals are very weak, there are models that are compatible with all types of a signal.

Sometimes people prefer to buy more expensive models because they sincerely believe that they are better. However, it’s not always so. The best booster for you is the one that meets all your requirements. You shouldn’t overpay for the booster with the widest coverage if you live in a small flat.

To avoid any issues with such devices, please, be careful and buy them only in certified shops! When you find a seller that offers boosters at the most attractive prices, always try to find out as much information about this store as possible. Attentively read all the information provided, study its website, analyze reviews, do not hesitate to contact a support team to ask all your questions. Pay attention to such points as available payment methods, delivery terms, return policy, and other things related to the organization of placing an order (if you buy a booster online).

We hope that our tips will help you to find your ideal mobile signal booster and improve your connection!