Your building’s roof is an essential part of the structure. This is because it provides insulation and protects you and your property from harsh weather. Besides that, it also helps prevent pest infiltration. By doing all these, your roof ensures that you’re comfortable and safe in your space. For these reasons, you need to take excellent care of your building’s coverings.

Cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure proper maintenance of one’s building covering. In this article, you’ll learn about the do’s and don’ts of roof washing. Read on to find out more.

Tips For Proper Roof Cleaning

A known cause of roof damage is accumulated algae, dirt, debris, and mold. These can cause the covering to leak, rot, and allow pests inside the structure. If these issues aren’t resolved, property owners may have to deal with costly repairs or replacements.

As seen, cleaning is quite essential in maintaining the dignity of your roof. So, if yours appears dirty, discolored, or rusty, it might be a sign that it needs to be washed. Also, if you haven’t cleaned it for the last 12 months, consider scheduling a day to do it as soon as you can. However, before starting the procedure, below are some do’s and don’ts you should consider:

1. Do Hire An Expert For Pressure Washing

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about pressure washing a roof, it’s advisable not to do the job by yourself. You may think the task seems easy. However, without proper skills in doing it, you could damage your shingles, waterproofing granules, or do an insufficient job.

All the mentioned inefficiencies are preventable. Hiring a pressure washing expert to clean your roof is the best way to do so. These professionals are knowledgeable on how to set the right balance on their pressure machines. This way, they’ll ensure efficient cleaning and maximum protection of all roof parts.

2. Do Ensure Safety When Cleaning Your Roof

Before anything else, you must ensure safety when cleaning your roof. Therefore, only go up there when you’re sure you can walk on that part of the house. Get protective gear and equipment like non-slip boots, grip knee pads, a harness, and a sturdy ladder if you’re confident about it. Also, wear goggles for eye protection, gloves to shield your skin from irritating detergents or bleach. Besides that, cover yourself up to prevent insect bites, cuts, or scrapes.

However, hire a cleaning service if you aren’t confident about going up your property’s roof. These professionals come well equipped, and most of them have insurance. Getting your roof washed by a cleaning company may seem costly at the moment. However, it could save you or a loved one from an accident, expensive medical bills, or life loss.

3. Don’t Clean Your Roof On A Sunny Day

Cleaning your roof on a sunny day might cause the bleach solution you may be using to evaporate quickly. This means that your building’s cover won’t sufficiently absorb the substance. As a result, you might not achieve the intended results with the cleaning product. Aside from that, you might experience heat exhaustion if you do it on a hot day.

Instead, wash your roof on a cloudy day. In such weather, the bleach won’t evaporate quickly. This way, you can clean your building’s covering adequately. Avoid washing your roof when it’s drizzling, too. The moisture makes the building’s top to be slippery, and this could prevent sufficient cleaning. Also, it could cause accidents.

4. Don’t Be In A Rush

Regular roof cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of moss, algae, and dirt. This way, you’ll avoid further damage and preventable repairs or replacements. However, the detergents or bleaches you use for roof cleaning might not work immediately. Instead, they might take some time to remove the mentioned materials. Therefore, to ensure you clean your building covering sufficiently, it’s advisable to be patient.

Do note that it might sometimes take a few rainy days to remove some unwanted materials from your roof, even after washing it. Therefore, if you don’t see the expected results on some parts after a thorough cleaning, the spots may eventually go away after several rainy days.


The roof is quite an essential part of your building. It can protect you from harsh weather, pests, and even falling objects. This way, it ensures your space is safe and comfortable. Also, it prevents the damage of furniture and other valuable assets in your building. For all these reasons, everyone needs to take good care of their structure’s top coverings.

An effective way to properly maintain this part of your property is to clean it regularly. If you’re looking to wash your roof soon, it’s advisable to hire an expert for pressure washing and ensure maximum safety if you’re cleaning it yourself. Also, you shouldn’t wash this part of your structure in a rush or on a sunny day.

The provided dos and don’ts could help ensure your roof is sufficiently clean. This will maintain its dignity and make sure it lasts longer. Besides that, the above recommendations could also help ensure you’re safe when washing your building’s top cover. This way, you might prevent accidents and high medical bills.