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Most people associate fleas with dirty animals. So, once fleas are detected on your beloved pet you might attempt to resolve the issue by purchasing expensive shampoos, treatments, and medications.

However, the truth of the matter is that no matter how clean your pet is, if you have fleas on your property, your animal will continue to get re-infected. Many people are unaware that the pest control Melbourne locals spends a great deal of their time ridding properties of flea infestations.

Let’s examine a few little-known facts about fleas, how they get into your property and what you should do about it.

Some Interesting Flea Facts

To completely eradicate fleas from your property, it would be helpful to know a little more about them and their characteristics:

  • Fleas are small brown insects that live as external parasites on mammals and birds.
  • Adult fleas are roughly 1/8 of an inch long and are very hard to spot because they hide in the animal’s fur. They also jump from place to place and can easily jump from one host to the next.
  • Fleas feed on the blood of their hosts, which can include humans.
  • Flea eggs hatch in the sand or foliage around your property and wait for a host to pass by. The flea then jumps onto the passing animal or person and begins feeding.
  • These days flea bites usually just cause minor irritation. However, in the 14th century, fleas were believed to be the spreaders of bacterial diseases such as murine typhus.
  • Your pet gets fleas from lying on playing in the sand in or around your property and their saliva causes dermatitis in dogs. This causes your dog to scratch themselves rather extensively when they have fleas on them.

Can You Deal With Your Flea Problem on Your Own?

Dealing with fleas on your own can be very challenging, it is not as easy as signing up on kickass torrent. Fleas experience a complete metamorphosis in their life cycle. This means you’ll be fighting fleas in different stages of their lifecycles, which might require a combination of different treatments. This makes it challenging to pick the right, effective treatment. Still, you’re not completely at the mercy of these critters. Let’s look at a few of the basic precautions you can do on your own to eradicate or at least minimise the flea population on your property.


Clean You’re Yard

Fleas can very easily hide in clutter and foliage. Since these little pests are primarily nocturnal insects, they hate any form of sunlight. Remove all forms of clutter that could provide them with the cover of darkness. This includes:

  • Piles of leaves
  • Brushes
  • Wood

These can all provide extensive shade.

Giving your yard a good clean-out should be the first step in your eradication process and you can also take help from Sacramento arborists for pruning trees. It would seem rather pointless to spend money on flea poison while their home remains intact.

Observe Your Pets

You might look across your property and wonder where to even start looking for these annoying little pests. It’s quite simple actually. Fleas and their growing larvae can ordinarily be found within 20m of your pet’s favourite hang-out areas.

If your dog has a favourite tree he likes to lie under, you’re guaranteed to find the fleas there. Don’t forget that your pet’s kennel or sleeping spot is most likely the haven of hundreds of hungry fleas and budding larvae.

Are There Natural Flea Repellents?

Since dousing your beloved pet and its bed with harsh chemicals isn’t anyone’s first choice, you might want to consider a few natural remedies.

  • Diatomaceous earth: One of the most popular ways to control fleas outside is with diatomaceous earth. The food-grade version is harmless to pets and humans but causes fleas to dehydrate.
  • Flea repellent plants: Planting a few plants that naturally repel fleas is an excellent way to repel these pesky insects from entering your yard. These include the following:
    • Chamomile
    • Citronella
    • Catnip
    • Mint or spearmint
    • Lavender

When All Else Fails

Your flea infestation might have reached a point where only a dose of a harsh treatment will eradicate the problem. When spring cleaning your property and applying natural remedies don’t work, it may be time to turn to the professionals.

Pest control companies have experts who are well trained in the types of chemicals to use to eradicate a flea infestation without harming your family or pets.


Don’t just ignore your dog’s flea problem because these creatures will eventually move indoors. Also, don’t let your furry friends suffer from their flea problems.

Invest in good pet care to eradicate the fleas on their skin. And, at the same time, maintain a clean and clutter-free yard for them to live in. Keep trees and shrubs pruned to avoid fleas from hiding there. Lastly but very important, speak to your trusted Melbourne pest control contractor today. There are more permanent solutions to keep your yard, pet and home flea-free!
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