Have you decided to install outdoor blinds for your home patio but don’t know which one to pick? With so many different outdoor blinds to choose from, picking the best ones for your home outdoor lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Which blinds look best outside? Could it be the ones with slats or clear PVC? Or, how about the ones used by the local bistro down the road? Some of the best outdoor blinds Melbourne homeowners are using include motorized features making them easy to use. But, are they stylish enough for your home?

To help you decide which one is best for your home patio, we’ve listed four different types of outdoor blinds for you to pick from. The key features of each type are highlighted, making it easier for you to pick the right outdoor blinds for your home.

Key Features to Look Out for When Buying Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds should include the following key features, giving you the maximum benefit of installing them in your home:

  • High-quality materials: Outdoor blinds must be able to withstand the outdoor elements such as harsh UV rays, rain, wind, dirt and more.
  • Insulation: External blinds should be designed to allow for both heating and cooling in the winter and summer months.
  • Functionality: Ease of use and convenience is important when picking blinds for your patio, so they make outdoor gathering like movie nights effortless.
  • Privacy: Make sure the blinds you pick stop prying eyes from looking into your outdoor space.
  • Aesthetics: Outdoor blinds should be aesthetically appealing, enhancing the appearance of your home no matter what style it is.
  • Maintenance: The materials and design of the blinds should be easy to clean and maintain.

If you take note of these key features, then picking the best blinds for your home patio should be a breeze!

Types of Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds

Many homeowners who spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors turn to Ziptrak blinds. They’re easy to operate with no untidy ropes, cords or wires to fiddle with. They give you protection all year round whether it’s summer or winter. And, when the winds pick up you don’t need to worry about rattling blinds. These blinds are fixed tight to vertical tracks, keeping them quiet at all times.

Made with sunscreen mesh or PVC materials, you’re guaranteed enough privacy to stop the neighbours from watching the next time you have guests over for the evening! Ziptrak blinds can be customised to suit your home style and décor. You can select the motorised feature for added ease of use and convenience.

Outdoor Bistro Blinds

Bistro blinds will give your home patio a chic appearance while still being functional. You can pick between a hand-rolled system or rope-and-pulley system for opening and closing. Some designs will include high-grade zips for easy operation.

Bistro blinds made with clear PVC are perfect for keeping the wind out and maintaining indoor temperature. Mesh material work well when you want protection against harsh UV rays and prying eyes. Look out for bistro blinds with integrated security features, giving you more protection when entertaining on a stormy day.

Aluminium Plantation Blinds

Outdoor aluminium plantation blinds are a great solution for giving you both shade and privacy. This design is more suitable for a modern-or minimalistic-style home. You can pick between fixed or operable blades and they can be made with locking systems, giving you more security.

Aluminium outdoor blinds are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Installation is quick and hassle-free, and you can customise them to suit your home patio design and décor. Being versatile, you can keep them completely or partially open, depending on the weather outside. In cooler months you can keep them completely closed for better insulation.

Zipscreen Blinds

Outdoor Zipscreen blinds will suit any home architecture with their sleek design. They’re perfect for offering year-round weather protection while also keeping out insects and outdoor debris. These blinds are made with a variety of fabrics. So, you can pick blockout screen materials for privacy or mesh fabric to keep the views.

Self-aligning channels makes these blinds easy to operate whether you opt for manual operation or remote control. Plus, you can be sure they won’t rattle during high-wind storms. Zipscreen blinds can be made for both larger and standard-size outdoor entertainment areas.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right outdoor blinds Sydney for your home patio is simple when you know what to look for in a product. Optimal functionality, high-quality materials, ease of use and low maintenance will give you blinds you can enjoy whenever you’re entertaining in your outdoor space.

Outdoor blinds turn your home patio into an additional room that can be used no matter what the weather is doing outside. Plus, you can entertain in privacy and still enjoy the views. Picking aesthetically appealing blinds will not only enhance the appearance of your home but also make you feel home-proud whenever you have guests over.

Enjoy outdoor living with the right external blinds for your home patio. Which one will you pick?
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