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Is It Worth It To Get A Bidet?

Back in 2022, when the world first learned of COVID-19, toilet paper shortages were a genuine concern. So, it was no surprise that bidets became a popular alternative and that there was an upsurge in their use in the United States.

Bidets have been popular in many countries for decades, but they’re just starting to gain traction in others. While the United States has caught onto bidets more than before, they still aren’t a staple in most bathrooms even with waterproof doorbells. And, as bidets become a more popular way for people to clean up after using the restroom, it begs the question of whether or not getting a bidet is worth it.

You may wonder if they are actually cleaner than toilet paper or if they even help. This guide will go into some of the facts about using a bidet as well as some of the pros and cons.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet

Many people who try bidets love them and can’t imagine life without them. But, while there may be nice things about them, are they only personal preferences? A lot of information says no. In fact, there are many great reasons to use a bidet, such as:

They do help the environment:

The reason bidets help the environment actually has to do with water usage. Toilet paper contributes to deforestation, and the process of turning trees into toilet paper uses hundreds of billions of gallons of water every year. So, while you might still use a bit of toilet paper with a bidet, you’ll still use less.

They can help with some health conditions:

While the jury is still out somewhat on if bidets are cleaner as far as bacteria in a bathroom, they seem to improve some health conditions. According to this study, people with sensitive issues in their nether regions can benefit from using a bidet.

They feel more comfortable:

While it might be somewhat up to personal preference, many individuals find that using a bidet gives a cleaner feel. The thinking is that you are washing those parts of your body more thoroughly.

They assist people with mobility issues:

Many people have mobility issues or disabilities that make wiping difficult. A bidet is much easier to use and can be viewed as an aid.

These are just some of the benefits of using a bidet. And while not all of them are studied conclusively, some exciting studies show the pros.

Cons Of Using A Bidet

Overall, there are many more pros to using a bidet than there are cons. But, there are some factors to keep in mind when buying one:

They do cost money:

While you’ll likely save money on toilet paper, the initial cost of a bidet is a factor. However, there are more affordable options out there for spending on the features you want. The basic models are relatively easy on the budget, while those with things like heated seats and water are pricier. But, of course, they aren’t free.

They must be cleaned thoroughly:

Just like with other parts of a toilet, a bidet attachment or seat needs regular cleaning and disinfecting. It may take a bit more time to clean around the various elements of the bidet of your wonderful home.

But, other than these two main issues, there are more benefits to using a bidet than drawbacks. If you are interested in trying a bidet, there’s no harm in giving it a shot. And, you might find you can never go back.

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