You may be looking around you right now and see your laundry piled up or the dishes have accumulated in the sink again. Cleaning is best done in small spurts so that it does not get to be too much and overwhelm you. Let’s talk about the seven daily tasks you can do to keep your home clean daily.

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1. Sort Your Mail

Raise your hand if you have had a large stack of mail on your kitchen table and have a habit of adding to the pile when you get more mail. It happens! However, sorting your mail immediately as your doorbell rings unless it is discharged will reduce the amount of junk lying around your table.

Put your bills in a designated spot so you know to pay them. Keep the flyers that you want for grocery shopping that week and recycle the rest of the junk mail.

2. Wash, Dry, and Put Away Your Dishes

The kitchen is one of the most dwelled rooms in the house beside the living room. Between snack breaks, while watching movies with family, and cooking meals throughout the day, dishes are bound to quickly accumulate unless you have a good collection of paper plates and plastic cutlery.

After each meal you are home for that day, wash the dishes, dry them (with a towel or wait a couple of hours to air dry), and then put them away. Be sure dishes from the previous meal are put away before you start making another meal, so it is easier when prepping that one.

3. Make Your Bed

Various studies have shown that you can have a more productive day and a better mood just by making your bed after you get up in the morning. After you go to the bathroom and freshen up for the day, come back and make your bed before you eat breakfast. Now you can jump into a freshly made bed later tonight without having to fix pillows or reorganize comfort before climbing in.

4. Wash One Load of Laundry Per Day

Especially if you have a large family, washing, drying, and putting away at least one load of laundry per day will reduce the strain of the laundry chore. Make it easier on yourself and give the clothes to the person to which it belongs for them to put them away themselves.

5. Spruce Up Your Living Room

Clear off the coffee table, put DVDs, remotes, and video games away, and pick up any stray objects or trash off the floor. Resetting your living room can make you feel in control of your environment. Plus, you will have a clean area to relax in after dinner the next day.

6. Take Out the Trash

Before you head out to work, take out the trash and recyclables so you have a clean slate in the kitchen. Depending on how many people are in your house and how often you are home, you may only have to take the trash out every two days unless you have canceled the orders from big basket.

7. Declutter One Small Area in Your Home

We all have at least one clutter spot at home whether it’s a junk drawer or a section of a closet that’s a little messier than the others. Pick one small area of your home and declutter it each day. Any junk that accumulated on your kitchen or coffee table or a project area in which you indulge in your favorite hobby could be a quick declutter project to get the area back to normal.

Final Thoughts

Creating daily healthy habits can help to keep your home clean little by little rather than waiting for all the tasks to accumulate for you to do at once. Happy cleaning!