The world today has gone digital from selling on big basket to earning online. Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Every industry now employs the sophistication of technology to make work easier, faster, and a lot more effective. What’s more interesting is that we have technology that can mimic the minds of humans. Meaning we have computers, robots, machines, etc., perform different tasks which, initially, were believed to be exclusive to humans. And surprisingly, these computers, or robots, perform these tasks efficiently. This ability is called Artificial Intelligence.

AI has become mainstream in different industries, and in the business world, the relevance cannot be overemphasized. From performing seemingly mundane tasks like sorting resumes and cover letters to performing stellar functions like data analytics, AI has made work much more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable.

Like every other technology, AI doesn’t come cheap. Affording any AI tool will cost a fortune. Protect your investment and ensure you’re using AI legally by consulting a Web3 attorney well-versed in digital technology law. Although this can be a little overbearing for some businesses, especially small businesses, financial assistance, like taking small business loans, might come in handy in this situation.

AI, arguably, is the most productive way to increase your company’s effectiveness and efficiency. It’s worth every penny of investment you make.

Read on to find out some more unusual ways AI can help boost your business’s productivity and growth.

Some of the Benefits of Using AI in Business Operations

Improving Meetings

Okay, relax! No one is saying AI can replace meetings altogether. Unlike many people who think about the Covid-19 pandemic, the pandemic further shows the importance of having human connections, even if it might be from a distance. Hence, meetings cannot be eliminated by any AI. However, you can provide some assistance to the admins of these seemingly unending meetings and conferences.

A good example is the voice assistants that can schedule meetings for you. To capture important points discussed during the meetings, the Voice’s Eva Assistant is to help with that. Then, there’s Sophia, who does all your transcribing for you, even while on calls with your clients, and then summarizes into actionable short notes,  then there are text to speech generators, they can read your texts and also generate voices to help you with voiceover for your videos. Easy-peasy!


One of the most tasking positions in any business or company is the Human Resource Manager. The whole HR team is always buried in thousands of resumes when there is a vacant position. Going through that many resumes and CVs to get the perfect candidate is no joke at all.

Businesses and companies now employ the intelligence of these computers and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read through these resumes and CVs, filter, and come up with the best candidates. This program considers different factors like location, skills, education, years of experience, etc. This makes the whole hiring process seamless and much easier.

Content Generation

Online presence is integral to every company that wants to thrive in this digital age where one can easily reset the thermostats. Not just a shoddy online presence, but one that offers quality to consumers. One of the best ways to do that is to dish out premium content to educate your audience. And you can be sure you will need thousands of content to maintain an incredible online presence.

AI has also revolutionized the marketing field, allowing businesses to analyze customer data, understand their target market, and optimize marketing strategies. Thanks to AI Devices, machines can now help you with that, and computers can now generate educational, informative, and compelling content for your readers. Although you may need an editor’s expertise to go through the generated content for you, AI reduces the cost and stress of having to pay people to get it done.

Like we said earlier, these are sophisticated machines that will cost you a fortune, and it is worth every penny of investment, even if you take small business loans.


Cybercrimes are on the high side, and every day, the rate keeps increasing. That’s one of the sides to technology. Phishing, for one, is on a large scale. Companies and industries lose essential data and files to cyber thefts every day. Since businesses now back up their important files on the internet.

Hence, cybersecurity has become essential for all companies, where AI is, arguably, most applicable. Cyber experts now can detect suspicious activities early and put in necessary measures to prevent breaches or leakage of crucial data.

Improved Customer Service

Customers can be a bit of a handful sometimes. AI can help judge the quality of customer calls. It works, taking into consideration some essential factors. It assesses the call, responds with the speed of human accuracy, and provides necessary customer help.

AI is the latest piece of technology in our world today, and many companies are maximizing this to make running their business easy and more efficient. You may need small business loans to afford it, but you should get on that train already!