A clogged drain is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. When wastewater is prevented from draining away from your home, it could cause an overflow and flood your interior. Health experts also warn about the adverse impacts of clogged drains on one’s health. According to Harcourt Health, stagnant water caused by a clogged drain can lead to mold growth and bacteria, which exacerbates respiratory issues.

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Protect your family and home from the dangers of a clogged drain by following these 4 clog prevention tips.

Clean your drains regularly

Neglecting the maintenance needs of your house drains is usually the reason why clogs happen. Over time, dirt and food particles can build up in your drain. Make it a part of your routine house cleaning to clear and clean them up. When cleaning your bathroom or kitchen drain, use a homemade cleaning solution instead of commercial cleaners. Commercial drain cleaners usually contain chemicals that can erode your drains and pipes.

Guard your garbage disposal

Installing a garbage disposal can make your life easier in the kitchen. However, you cannot be overly confident that the items you throw down your garbage disposal won’t collect down the pipes. Treating your garbage disposal like garbage can lead to major plumbing problems. To avoid damaging your garbage disposal and reduce the risk of clogs, don’t let food items, like coffee grounds, pasta, bones, nuts and shells, seeds, and fruit peels, go down your drain.

Use a sink strainer

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you can prevent food scraps from going down the drain using a sink strainer. Choose a sink strainer that fits perfectly into your drain. Installing a sink strainer that is too small or too large for your drain won’t be of any help. Also, make sure to clean the tool regularly and keep it free from dirt buildup, so it stays functional at all times. Consider a pop up drain for your bathroom or kitchen, which are a cinch to clean.

Bath your pets outside

Pet hair is among the top causes of drain clogs. When you bathe your dog in the shower, all the shed hair goes down the drain. It will then collect in your pipes and form a blockage. If weather permits, it is best to wash your pet dogs and cats outdoors. Another option is to use the service of a pet groomer to save you time and effort in cleaning your pets at home.

What to do when your drain is clogged?

A minor clog can turn into an expensive plumbing repair or replacement if you continue to neglect it. At first sight of the problem, do not hesitate to ask the help of a licensed and skilled plumber. Experts at Bryco Plumbing recommend the hydro jetting method for clearing tough drain clogs. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to remove and prevent clogs or blockages in the drain pipes. It is an eco-friendly way to take care of your plumbing as it only uses water instead of harsh chemicals. So, rather than binge watching on 1Movies take out some time to take care of your house. Learn more about the many benefits of hydro jetting your pipes by talking to your trusted local plumber.
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