If you have headed out shopping for the best mattress for your bed, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, including…

1. Examine the mattress type

To find out what mattress will suit your body type, you must first learn about different mattress types.

There are mainly 6 kinds of mattresses available in the market. There are Firm mattresses, cushion firm mattresses, plush mattresses, memory foam mattresses, pillow top mattresses, and ultra-plush mattresses.

Firm mattresses come with flat tops and comfortable edges. These features are great for lower back pain. The maximum height of this mattress varies between 7.00-8.5.

Cushion-firm mattresses are not firm like the previous one. The height of this mattress is generally around 9.0cm.

Plush beds are best for people who prefer soft bedding. As it has pillowtop padding, you don’t require a bed. Plush mattresses also have extra foam layering to maximize comfort and support.

The most famous type of mattress is memory foam mattresses. This kind of mattress becomes firm during winter and soft in summer because of polyurethane. This material reacts with climate change and body temperature and takes only 15 minutes to mold into your body shapes.

The pillow top mattress is not firm and needs deeper fitted sheets than regular mattresses. These are perfect for tall people. The ultra-plush mattresses are also relaxing and have lots of padding.

2. Check your health condition

If you wake up with intense pain in the back or neck, chances are your current mattress is failing to support your body. If you continue sleeping on the same mattress, your pain will get worse.

According to doctors, firm and medium-firm mattresses help improve back pain, muscle pain, and shoulder or joint-related issues.

Further, you can discuss it with your healthcare provider to help you find the best mattresses.

3. Figure out your body type

If you want to pick a mattress depending on your body type, you must figure out what your body is. Men and women have different body types. I have pointed out four types for women and three body types for men.

The names of women’s body shapes are hourglass shape, triangle shape, inverted triangle shape, and square body type.

In an hourglass shape, the bust and hips are of the same proportions. But the waist is narrow. Spring mattresses are a good option for this body type as it provides a firm and supportive surface.

A woman with a triangle shape has broader hips. If you have this body type, go for foam mattresses.

In an inverted triangle shape, the bust area is broader than the hip. You can pick magic foam mattresses if you have this type of body. Every part from shoulder to hips is proportional in the square body type. Plush mattresses are perfect for this type of body.

The three body types of men are circle shape, inverted triangle shape, and square type. In the circle shape shoulders and hips are narrower than the chest and stomach. If you have this type of body, try pillow top mattresses. You can pick anything similar to the women for the other two body types.

If you have any chronic health issues like arthritis, consult a professional before buying the mattresses.

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4. Understand how many people are going to sleep on it

This point is extremely important for couples. You don’t have to worry if you two have the same type of body. But in the opposite scenario, it becomes difficult to pick one mattress.

Companies have brought new types of mattresses to help people in this situation. It is popular as the dual comfort mattress. Dual mattresses are single mattresses that are custom-made to cater specific needs and preferences of couples.

Over to you…

Now that you know how to pick the right mattress for your bed, what’s the wait worth? Other than all the above points, check the warranty period and return policies before purchasing.