Little baby girl or girl crawling on floor in bed room

Babies achieve a lot of milestones after they are born. It includes turning over, lifting their heads, and more. However, there is one milestone that every parent waits for, and that is seeing their baby crawl. Most parents wait to see their baby crawl, and it’s an emotional moment full of excitement and nervousness. However, there is also tension because a crawling baby knows no limits. The baby wants to explore every inch of their house while crawling on their little knees. It makes parents scared as they can reach practically anything, like drawers, a tool cabinet, and more. Therefore, making your house safe and baby-proof is necessary as they start to crawl. Here are a few ways to make your house safe for your crawling baby.

Install safety nets and gates

Childproof your house by installing safety gates and netting all over the house. As they start crawling, their curiosity also peaks, and they will want to explore their environment. Thus, you will find your baby crawling up the stairs pretty often. Or into rooms and cabinets, they shouldn’t be. Thus, installing safety gates at the bottom of stairs is necessary.

Use natural cleaning products.

Once your baby starts crawling, everything is fair game to them. That means they will pick up food from the ground to eat and play while lying down. Also, they must place their palms and knees on the floor while crawling. And kids eat or play with toys without washing their hands. It means the chances of ingesting germs are high. Thus, you should use natural cleaning supplies to ensure the floor of your house is safe and germ-free. Don’t buy cleaning products loaded with germs. It is harmful to the kid. Always look at the ingredients and find the best natural cleaning products Australia that are safe, fragrant, and chemical-free.

Put your houseplant in a safe corner.

Houseplants add beauty and positivity to your home. Yet, they are harmful to babies, as quite a few of them have substances that are toxic to the baby. It can lead to nausea, swelling, and rashes if a baby is too close or eats them by mistake. Moreover, there is a higher chance that a crawling baby will knock over the plant, and it may fall on them, leading to severe injury. Thus, keep it in a corner or a higher place where babies cannot reach it. Of course, you can always buy non-toxic plants safe for babies.

Cover any sharp corners with guards

Babies will fall, injure themselves, and get bruises. It is something you cannot control. You can control the intensity and severity of injuries by protecting sharp corners. For instance, everyone has tables, furniture, or other things with sharp corners. Thus, to ensure these sharp corners don’t inflict any injuries, use a soft corner guard to cover them up. It helps prevent serious bumps, injuries, and cuts.

Keep small objects high so babies cannot reach them.

Small objects lying around pose a risk. Babies can pick them up and swallow them. It can get stuck in their throat or stomach, which leads to severe injuries. Thus, keep your house clean and ensure no small objects or toys are lying around for babies to pick up. You can get small containers or storage units to put up small objects and safeguard them and the baby.

Hazardous objects should be in cabinets with locks

Your cleaning supplies, alcohol, detergents, perfumes, and more are all full of chemicals that can harm the baby. Thus, as soon as your baby starts to crawl, buy a few cabinet locks to secure these things. Get quality cabinet locks to ensure it doesn’t open even after the baby tries to.

Keep cords out of their way.

Cords and cables pose a risk for crawling babies. They can wrap them around their neck, cutting off their air supply. Also, they can get themselves entangled in the cables/cords, leading to a fall or injuries.

Thus, secure them higher on the wall to ensure they are out of the reach of the crawling baby.

These tips will help you make your house safe for babies to crawl. Yet, you still need to keep an eye on them because they move fast. So, keep an eye on your baby, make the house safe, and savour every moment of your baby’s crawling phase.