So, your new office is ready, and you are beaming with joy as you will start operations there pretty soon. However, once your office is prepared, the first thing to do is have an inauguration party. A small one to commemorate this achievement and thank those who made it possible. For the inaugural event, you can use a few unique ideas, which the blog discusses below. A simple way to make people feel welcome is to have lovely décor and a small inauguration ceremony. It’s because having a nice office is a dream for both the employer and the employee. And now that you’ve realized your goal, it’s clear.

Thus, use the below ideas to decorate your new office for its inauguration.

Use ribbons to decorate the front gate.

The feeling of inauguration comes when someone cuts a ribbon at the front gate of the office. So, put a satin ribbon on the entrance of your new office. You can invite a chief guest, or the employees and employers can cut the ribbon. Cutting the ribbon signifies that you are ready to start the new journey in your office.

Also, using ribbons to decorate the office’s inside is an incredible idea. For instance, you can create a floral arrangement on a ribbon and place it on every desk.

Go Minimal

You don’t have to fill every part of the office with decorative pieces for the opening. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option. For instance, clean up your office nicely to ensure there are no pieces of wood, dust, or clutter left. Also, ensure that everything for the inauguration is in place, such as desks, frames, and more.

Have a color theme

Decide on the party’s color theme because that will determine the rest of the décor. For instance, if you can pick one of the colors that your business logo has. Then, according to the color theme, you can decide on every table’s centerpieces and more.

Place a floral arrangement on every table.

Put up a few circular tables with chairs in your office for the inaugural event. Ensure it has a nice tablecloth matching the color theme you have decided on. After that, the centerpieces come, which should be the center of attraction at the table. The options are endless here; you can create a ribbon arrangement and place it there. Or the best option is to have a floral arrangement that goes with the theme.

Personalize the lounge area

Decorating the lounge area is essential for a successful inaugural party, especially if you have sponsors. For example, the lounge area can have sofas and a table with pillowcases with sponsors’ prints.

Have a buffet

A buffet is perfect for an inaugural event. People can pick up anything they like and enjoy the nonessentials while listening to the speeches or watching the functions. Ensure that the buffet has a mix of savory and sweet food options. At the table, the waiters should only bring cocktails, mocktails, and a few starters. The rest needs to be a buffet system that also allows people to mingle amongst themselves.

Use lights

Using multiple types of lights is another way to enhance the décor. For instance, add stage lights if you have a stage for speeches or a few musical performances. There are many ways to use lights to decorate the new office and enhance your event.

Upscale your ceiling

To make your new office look drop-dead gorgeous, upscale the look of your ceiling. For instance, you can drape multi-colored banners/steamers from the center of the ceiling to the room’s corners. It will go perfectly with a new office with a small space and high ceilings. The best part about decorating the ceiling is that it reduces the need for floor decorations.

Renting an office space is not a happy feeling, but when you buy a space and create your office, that feeling is unmatched. Celebrating this day with everyone is essential, and the inauguration is just one way of doing that. Use the following suggestions to make your office’s inauguration a success.