Lighting plays an important role in creating your intended atmosphere, whether you’re creating a space indoors or outside. However, many people completely skip outdoor lighting because they underestimate its power to transform the look and feel of their home.

Have you ever driven past a house at night that was illuminated and looked amazing? It’s pretty impressive, right? The good news is that this aesthetic isn’t reserved for the rich.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home look impressive at night, it’s time to look at lights, beginning with path lighting.

What is path lighting?

Path lighting is lighting placed on and around various paths on a property. You’ll notice it can be used to illuminate the edges where two terrains meet, or it can be used to light walkways, grass areas, retainer walls, and more. Modern lighting companies have incorporated new lighting technology like Outdoor LED tape for unique structure features and narrow landscape features.

Path lighting doesn’t have to be placed on an actual footpath; you can illuminate the outer edges of grassy knolls, or place lights around the perimeter of your entire home.

Why is lighting so special?

It goes without saying that humans are highly visual and what we see matters. As much as we like to think we don’t judge, we are constantly judging what we see based on appearance. Lighting has the power to influence perception to a high degree. This is why people hire lighting professionals to create a beautiful ambiance inside their homes. The same can be done for the outside.

Light changes the way we perceive objects, including the shape, size, texture, and how far away we perceive them to be. However, light also evokes emotions. For instance, a well-lit room will make people feel happier than a dark cave. There are some exceptions, however, they are not the norm.

Outdoor lighting can boost curb appeal

You’ve heard about curb appeal playing a role in your home’s value, but did you know that outdoor lighting is part of that? You can make your home stand out with the right lighting. The right setup will give your home a warm glow that will impress your neighbors and potential home buyers, should you put your home on the market.

Installing path lighting will bring your landscaping to life at night. It will enhance details like textures, colors, trees, and your architecture. These changes – all from lighting – can make a massive difference in how people perceive your home. And home buyers will drive by at night to see what the neighborhood looks like when it’s dark.

If you can increase your curb appeal by installing some path lighting, why not do it? When your curb appeal increases, so does your home’s value. If you ever sell your home, you could end up getting a pretty sweet ROI on installing some outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting can improve your home security

There are two main components to keeping your home secure: a security system and good lighting. While a security system will alert you (and the police) if there’s a break-in, lighting can help deter criminals before they attempt to break into your home.

A well-lit exterior will deter many would-be thieves and burglars. People who are up to no good don’t want anyone to notice them, so having a well-lit home exterior makes you a less desirable target for criminals.

If other nearby houses appear to be darker or offer more areas to hide, those homes are more likely to be the first target.

Path lighting has the aesthetics you need

Out of all the possible ways you can light up your home, path lighting offers some of the best benefits. For instance, you’ll be able to entertain guests across your entire property with path lighting illuminating your walkways, steps, and lining your grassy areas.

With the right lighting setup, you can deter criminals, increase your curb appeal and home value, and impress your guests all at the same time.