It’s easy to believe that you have everything covered and your home is perfect from top to bottom.

However, this is not always true. Even the most diligent homeowners overlook the one of the most important parts of their property: its plumbing system.

Professional plumbers know that homeowners often only remember to have plumbing maintenance checks when they are already in the middle of a serious problem that could have been prevented had they taken their plumbing maintenance seriously, they wouldn’t have stopped selling on swiggy or enjoying home-cooked meals.

Most people think not having professionals regularly maintain their plumbing saves them money. However, this is not true; routine checkups are more inexpensive than repairs by a mile.

But how often do you need to maintain your plumbing, and why?

Why Should You Get Plumbing Maintenance Service?

Aside from being a preventive measure, here are other reasons why you should consider scheduling regular plumbing maintenance:

1. Saves Money

You may encounter many plumbing problems without regular plumbing maintenance. Your pipes might get damaged or clogged. Your faucets and pipes may have leaks, and toilets may back up.

Aside from an expensive water bill, these problems may also worsen and require you to spend a significant amount of money on repairs and replacements.

To avoid problems with your plumbing, schedule a regular maintenance check with your trusted plumber. They can help you make smarter decisions by providing their insight on your plumbing system’s issues while preventing them from worsening. With their help, you won’t need to worry about future emergencies if your plumbing system is in its best condition.

2. Keeps the Air Clean

Indoor air quality may also suffer if you don’t have regular plumbing maintenance performed on your home unless you have honeywell thermostats that can reset easily Excess moisture, especially from leaking pipes, allows bacteria, mold, and mildew to thrive and cause serious health problems.

Molds can irritate your throat, skin, and nose. They may also cause severe allergic reactions. Always be on alert for moldy odors that may smell like rotting wood or wet socks. Do not wait for them to appear before calling professional plumbers.

3. Saves Time

Plumbing problems are also time-consuming. It may take several hours to fix a plumbing problem, depending on its severity. Sewage and water cleanup also takes a long time to finish, not to mention difficult to do.

For a smooth functioning plumbing system, schedule regular checkup and maintenance with a trusted plumbing company.

4. Maintains Good Water Quality

Plumbing problems like corroded water pipes also affect your home’s water quality, making it unsafe to drink and rendering it unusable. Bacteria, mold, and other fungi may also infiltrate your plumbing system if your pipes are not regularly cleaned. If your water turns brown, you’ll need to have your pipes replaced.

Aside from preventing clogs and keeping your pipes clean, getting regular plumbing maintenance service can prevent pipe corrosion and increase water pressure as a bonus.

5. Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Regular plumbing preventative maintenance prevents minor issues from worsening and prolongs the life of your plumbing system. It also reduces the risk of plumbing disasters.

Having professionals maintain your plumbing protects it from any hidden damage. When you take care of your plumbing, you help your home stand the test of time.

How Often Do You Need Plumbing Maintenance?

Most plumbers recommend having professionals maintain your plumbing once a year. If not once a year, at least try to be consistent in maintaining your plumbing system. Never leave it unchecked for at least two years.

Simple Plumbing Tips From Professionals

While consulting plumbing services is important, you may also try simple and practical maintenance tips on a weekend or after using your toilets or sinks.

Here are some plumbing maintenance tips from professional plumbers:

1. Avoid pouring grease down the drain.

Grease is often in liquid form. However, it solidifies in lower temperatures, clogs your pipes, and eventually corrodes them.

2. Do not flush napkins into the toilet.

Flushing toiletries is not the best way to get rid of them. Throw them in the trash instead. Otherwise, they will damage your pipes and this will affect your whole plumbing system.

Place a trashcan beside the toilet to prevent people from throwing toiletries into the toilet.

3. Add screens over the drains.

Drain screens are inexpensive and are readily available in hardware stores. They also come in various sizes. Install them in your drains, especially in the sink, to filter out large particles and avoid clogging.

4. Avoid using drain cleaners.

Not using drain cleaners for de-clogging may seem ironic, but this protects your pipes from damage. Commercial drain cleaners contain chemicals and active ingredients that may corrode your pipes, especially if your pipes are made of iron or copper. It’s best to try natural drain cleaners or, better yet, call a professional plumber immediately.

5. Minimize using oil-based body products.

The promise of smoother and softer skin makes oil-based body wash and moisturizers a hit. However, frequently using these products may also lead to drain clogging. Like grease, oil can solidify and cause a clog in your pipes. Use them sparingly, or always de-clog with natural mixtures to prevent clogs.

Key Takeaway

Keeping your plumbing system running is only possible with annual plumbing preventive maintenance. This way, you save time and money, keep the air and water in your home clean, and prevent plumbing disasters.

You can also try simple tips. Avoid getting grease into your plumbing, whether from cooking or oil-based body products. Do not flush napkins and toiletries down the toilet, and don’t use drain cleaners. Placing screens over your drains prevents most clog-causing items from getting into your plumbing system.

Book regular maintenance checkups with your plumber, and always keep your trusted plumbing service in Colorado Springs on speed dial for any plumbing emergency.