Pests are a problem no matter where you are. But in California, there are certain pests you’ll find more abundant than anywhere else. When guarding your home against insects, spiders, and wildlife, you may wonder what the best approach would be. After all, no one wants to live with pests or have to worry about creepy crawly things when they’re sleeping. This article explores some of the things you may need to know as a homeowner or someone looking for their dream home.

Common Pests In The State

As mentioned earlier, California residents may see different pests than in other places in the country. But, many are still the same. Let’s review some of the top pests you may run into and what the best method for eliminating an infestation would be.


Nature World News reports, “Like cockroaches, ants are attracted to your food, so keeping it sealed and stored well will do a lot to prevent ants in your apartment. Cleaning up crumbs and trash will also help keep them away. To get rid of ants once they’re in your apartment, you can try store-bought pest killers or ant traps. You’ll also want to throw out any food that the ants have contaminated in case they happen to be carrying disease, and because you probably don’t want to eat the ants that got into your cereal. “ on how to handle ants and great prevention tips.

-Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders are extremely common in California. These pesky spiders like to hide out in dark areas and don’t like to be disturbed. When disturbed, a black widow can bite. The St. Louis Zoo mentions, “All black widow spiders are venomous since they use their venom to subdue and eat their prey. But only adult females seem to be able to harm humans with their bites. Males and juveniles either don’t bite humans or else their mouthparts are not large or strong enough to inject their venom into us.“ One of the key ways to prevent black widow spiders in or around your home is clear cobwebs and places that they may hide. Most insecticides are ineffective against spiders. The best pro tip for guarding against any kind of spiders entering your home is making sure your home is sealed properly. Install door sweeps, seal window openings, repair any damaged screens you might have and also make sure that the nest camera is not blinking.


Residential and commercial cockroach control is critical for effectively removing roaches. Because cockroaches are extremely difficult to kill—as they are resilient—you’ll need to take Swift action to destroy not just the cockroaches you see but also the nest. One of the best ways to counteract a roach infestation is with a bait system. Baits are put in common areas where the cockroaches go to look for food. This could include under your kitchen cabinets or under the sink. If you’re doing home remodeling and you notice cockroaches, this is a great time to place baits.


California is home to several types of termites. There are dry wood termites that are roughly 1 in long, damp wood termites that come in at 5/8 an inch long, or subterranean termites at just 1/8 inch long. Termites can be found eating wood or underground. One thanks for certain once an infestation takes hold, it is really hard to get rid of. Understanding the extent of the termite damage is the first line of defense in getting rid of these troublesome pests.

Identifying Weaknesses Where Pests Enter

Now that we’ve reviewed the type of pests you may encounter, where are common areas they may be found? Below we go through some of the most common areas you may find pests and what type of pest could enter your home. Remember, the best way to get rid of an infestation is to prevent one from happening.


Take a look at your doorway. Have you noticed that you can see outside at the bottom of the door frame? Do you feel a draft? These things can indicate a sealing problem. If your door is not sealing correctly, it can allow pests to enter. This is certainly something you don’t want. Try installing a door sweep to guard against pests entering your home at the bottom. Not only can you guard against pests, but you can also reduce your heating and cooling expenses as well. This is because you won’t be losing hot or cold air from your doors.


Attics is another common area you may find pests. They can enter from a variety of places that you may not even realize. If you have a chimney, they may be entering from there or at the roof line if there is any damage. Spiders are a common problem in attics, but they aren’t the only ones. You may find wildlife has invaded your home too. Raccoons are a common problem, as well as rats entering the attic space.


Bugs can find their way into your basement quite easily. Whether it’s through window cracks, foundation issues, sealant problems, or drains, basements are a trouble area to be on the lookout for. More often than not, bugs coming in from your basement are a challenge to get rid of. First, you’ll need to know what type of pests you’re dealing with and treat for that. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, and other types of pests can make themselves known, working their way to the upper levels of your home.


If you have any sealing issues between your HVAC and your vents, these can create an easy place for bugs to enter. Centralized air conditioning units will also have duct work underneath the home, in the attic, and throughout. If there is a break at any point in the ductwork, not only are you losing valuable heating and cooling, but you’re also opening yourself up to a pest problem.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans lead to the outside. If the screen is broken or isn’t properly sealed, pests can easily find their way in. If you’re having problems with nats, flies, or ants around your kitchen range or in the bathroom, it’s likely because of an exhaust fan issue.

Hiring A Professional

The best thing to do to protect your dream home, first home, or even commercial property is to work with a pest control company for prevention. Preventative pest control will stop most pests in their tracks, helping you to avoid any infestation. Sprague Pest Solutions Los Angeles is an industry leader in commercial pest control. Offering quality solutions for eliminating ants, roaches, earwigs, spiders, and more from commercial sites, their method for eradicating pests is second to none. Hiring a professional for pest control can give you greater satisfaction and confidence that your pest issues are a thing of the past.