The security of your vacation home differs significantly from your regular home because you will be continually absent from the vacation home, which raises many security concerns. Figures show that burglars are more inclined to target vacation homes because they are left unoccupied for most of the year.

That’s why they must be shut tightly and secure using high-security locks.

In addition to using security locks or Replacing Your Existing Locks, keep a few other security pointers in mind the next time you leave your vacation home.

Assess The Risk

Whether it is your vacation home or your regular residence, it is crucial to conduct a thorough risk assessment before you can take measures to improve security. The basic formula is to start with considering the most severe risk to your vacation home while also examining potential vulnerabilities.

If break-ins are a point of concern and most criminals will break and enter through the front or back door, you will want to install security locks. Since, contrary to popular belief, criminals don’t pick locks as much as we think, there isn’t much concern about the lock being picked.

The essential consideration when choosing vacation rental security is having physical access. It would help if you ensured that guests are granted access, but they should also be promptly withdrawn as soon as they leave.

An experienced residential locksmith should be able to help make a list of all the critical dangers to your property. Even if you are aware of vulnerabilities, a professional can help find more, which can then be patched up before you leave home.

Installing a keyless lock

The advantages of installing a keyless lock for better vacation home safety go beyond ensuring that guests don’t leave valuables behind. With a smart lock, you can connect to an online management system to track guest and maintenance personnel’s activities while staying connected with keyless entry. Guests and staff can use a unique key code to enter the property, ensuring that the security of your vacation home is never in question.

These locks can also be controlled remotely with a smartphone app. Some even offer the capability of setting unlimited PINs to ensure the most significant level of home security. Many smart locks can even connect to an Airbnb listing calendar system, allowing you to view the activity at a glance. This technology is also becoming more commonplace, as it can integrate with smart thermostats and noise monitoring devices to help protect your home.

However, these smart locks are expensive and require a separate keypad. The keypad will not work for everyone, and guests may not know how to operate it. Despite its shortcoming, it’s a good investment.


Your ability to identify thefts, threats, and vulnerabilities can help assess future risks. The best crime prevention measure is to create networks like a neighborhood watch. Vacation home security can be more comprehensive than ever in the past, thanks to the latest technology.

Thanks to technology like WiFi door locks, you get real-time updates on whether the door is locked or not. You can also review the history of all the times the door opened or closed, and when the home was broken into.

Detection is the most critical part of vacation home security. Then you need to formulate the right response as soon as a potential threat is discovered. Your surveillance system should alert the authorities or the security provider right away.

Securing Your Vulnerabilities

You may continue to find flaws in the vacation home security based on your risk assessment and maintenance. As you run into more issues, you need to find a better solution.

If you have found that contractors and tenants are creating keys without authorization, you may invest in a trademarked key or use a patented lock which will deter this practice. If you notice that vandals are targeting the window or people have attempted to break in, you can purchase a shatter-resistant sticky film.

It is worth mentioning that there is no such thing as a 100% flawless security system, but there are systems with fewer vulnerabilities, which means criminals are less likely to break in. Each time you up the security of your vacation rental, you’re telling criminals your home isn’t worth the effort.


You will want to invest in a high-quality vacation home security camera or perhaps a full-fledged home monitoring system. The gadgets will provide your vacation home with some security. However, these systems aren’t all-encompassing vacation home security systems.

Ideally, you will want to combine locks with an Amico security welded wire fence, documentation and detection technologies that will increase the property’s overall security. Though responding to active threats is essential to prevent crime having a vacation home often means several hundred miles away or too far for most to respond.